Sunday, August 3, 2014

Nokia may be back in business smartphone with Android – 3DNews

Following the Microsoft deal on the absorption unit devices and services Nokia, the Finnish company has lost the most important part of its assets and professionals take the issue of mobile devices and smartphones involved in promoting Windows Phone Lumia, low-end phones like the Asha and the new Android-line Nokia X.

At the time, thanks to an authoritative leader Stephen Elop from Microsoft (Steven Elop), who led the Finnish company to get it out of the crisis (and in fact led to bankruptcy and selling the same Microsoft’s most valuable assets) Nokia has made a fateful choice in favor of exclusive support still underdeveloped Windows Phone. Certainly interesting from a hardware point of view of smartphones, but running Android, would enjoy greater popularity.

Microsoft also received the right to use the Nokia brand and related patents mobile phones for 10 years with the possibility of unlimited extension. The Corporation also received a 4-year license to preferred card HERE. However, Nokia has retained the right to use his name in future products, the property on the map HERE, and a strong patent portfolio. Today, the Finnish company focused on the business of telecommunications equipment and feels good in this market.

But the Finns may try to revive its former glory known manufacturer of mobile devices. And if you take into account the job openings on LinkedIn, then Nokia and intends to do so. The company is hiring experienced engineers, designers and specialists to work on the cameras is scheduled for release devices.

As you know, Microsoft outlined the massive layoffs of 18,000 and 12,500 people due to former employees of Nokia, and 1100 of them live in Finland. Microsoft’s actions against Nokia Finns cause deep disappointment and sense of deception. It is not surprising that Nokia, rescued from the sale of its main assets, may attempt to revive the production of smartphones and some have lost their jobs to employ their former specialists.

number of vacancies have been closed, and it may mean that they are filled. But one of the existing designed for mobile photography engineer with experience writing drivers camera for Android. Abandoning its own MeeGo OS and losing division Windows Phone, it is not surprising that Nokia finally turned its gaze and excels at mobile OS market Google Android. In June, Nokia announced its own Android-shell Nokia Z, July 29 and presented its preliminary beta version.

It is likely that a continuation of these initiatives will be the release of smartphones. But what can Nokia offer except his own shell, if the best proprietary technologies like the camera and the filter screen PureView ClearBlack remained for Microsoft?


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