Thursday, August 14, 2014

4 improvements that must be made in Android Wear –

 Android Wear

As we know, Google recently presented to the public a new platform for wearable devices called Android Wear. However, unfortunately, smart watches based on this platform is not yet widespread. Our colleagues from the resource Gizmag decided to make a list of what can be improved in Android Wear, so that the platform could attract more buyers.

More Applications

As usual, the application stores the new operating systems account for in its arsenal initially quite a few programs. Eventually, of course, the number of useful applications in the store grows, but it is not happening as quickly as we would like.

a similar situation faced by the owners of devices on Android Wear. Unfortunately, Google Play at the moment there are only a small number of different applications.

LG G Watch

More features

Originally conceived as smart watches reader notices. However, in today’s world, users expect their gadgets great functionality that will not be limited to reading incoming messages.

Most users Android Wear complain that their smart watches often offer open the received notification on your phone. The question arises, if I have to do on your phone, then why do I watch? Perhaps this is also related to the number of applications for Android Wear, perhaps Google’s just need to modify some of the features of its platform for wearable electronics.

More autonomy

 Moto 360

Handheld devices, as well as any other electronics for its operation requires a power source. Most smartphone users are well aware that the battery capacity is basically enough for daily use. Although smart watches have a smaller screen and less powerful processor, the size of the built-in battery will not allow them to work for a long time. Of course, Android Wear some functions to extend the autonomy, but still want to charge your gadget at least once a week.

More hours

Currently on the market there are only a few devices running on a platform of Android Wear. To develop this area of ​​electronics, manufacturers should significantly expand the range of wearable devices, so that each user could choose a gadget to your preference.


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