Friday, August 8, 2014

The new Android OS will be a multiplayer mode – Rosbalt.RU

WASHINGTON, Aug. 8. Operating system Android L, shown Google earlier this summer and preparing for their autumn release, bring smartphones multiplayer mode. This works on the same principle as the organization of users on desktop computers.

Supports multiple users appeared in the Android version still 4.1 Jelly Bean, released in June 2012. However, this functionality was implemented only on tablet computers – smartphones have long been regarded as a personal device, and because Google did not open them with access to multi-profiles.

Official statements about supporting multiple users in a version for smart phones Android L representatives Google does not do. The only evidence of this is found in the source code of the corresponding code snippet.

support multi-user system will allow multiple people to customize the smartphone to your liking – they need to install the application, select the wallpaper and ring tones, and even to different phone books and store SMS-message, the access to which other users will not.

If you use a smartphone, adults and children, you can close the last access to certain functions, programs, and photo albums, reports portal Infox.

Note that the Android L – is the working title of a new version of the mobile operating system from Google, which is expected to receive 5.0 index. It is endowed with significant differences from the current build of 4.4 KitKat, especially in terms of interface and functionality.

List of smartphones, which will be updated firmware will be released after the release of the most OSes.

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