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Choose a skin for android-smartphone: the fourth bidder – Mi Launcher –

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If you seriously think that China is doing a fake on the iPhone, various trifles, and low-quality products, you are “stuck” somewhere in the 1990s years. Partially refute this opinion can the story of Xiaomi Tech and their products.

In 2011, the company Xiaomi Tech was released smartphone firmware MIUI, based on the base Android OS. Gadget Xiaomi Mi-One to provide quality and performance of the phone, the main feature of which was the firmware. It was well done, worked smoothly and stylish look.

Many people would like to have a similar on your device. And they got it.

Mi Launcher – made in China

The Chinese warning in advance and presented to users shell Mi Launcher. It is almost in full kastomiziruet system interface under MIUI.

253x431 138 KB. Big one: 600x1024 685 KB  253x431 104 KB. Big one: 600x1024 531 KB

The first thing you notice after installing Mi Home (this way, in a simple way, the developers refer to your application), that on the desktop of the” launcher “appear all applications installed on the gadget. All this is due to the fact that there is no MIUI menu applications. Labels of all installed applications and games available on the desktop.

This move is not original, because the original idea of ??placing all the items on the tables assigned to the operating system of Apple. Even suggests some comparison, because if it were not for the bright colors, the MIUI and Mi Launcher accordingly very much reminded iOS 7 and 8 versions. But in the Chinese software implementation, function, and style – others.

desktop can be any number. No one limits us and in an amount to be placed, be it icons, folders or widgets. Labels are placed in the standard way, that is, four bars with four labels each. For devices with a wide-screen TV is an option with five labels. But other dimensions of the screen grid is not present, and the size of those same labels can not be changed. Therefore, this “launcher” is hardly suitable for lovers of smartphones with huge screens and tablet owners.

Did tablet support will be implemented in this application in the future, or it will be presented with a name change. The reason is simple – in June was announced Xiaomi Mi Pad, a tablet with MIUI, with an appropriate tablet interface view.

By the way, icons, shortcuts can not be changed, only using the appropriate theme, and it is impossible to put the picture, but only the one that provided the developer. Icons themselves “are reduced to a common denominator” – if the application icon is square, then the questions asked, the edges are rounded and all. But the icon of the application received some form. It is placed on the same square with rounded edges – a chip Xiaomi.

Not very far from the desktop features, for example the launch of a panel with quick access to important settings. To do this, press the function key, and then the bottom menu opens with the necessary settings.

253x431 70 KB. Big one: 600x1024 176 KB

Labels, as expected, should be placed in folders , and the order will immediately appear. Drag one label to another, and create a folder. Thumbnail folder is very similar to that in iOS 6. White frame harmoniously fringes black background folder itself, and on the background is up to nine shortcuts. Of course, you can give the names of folders, sort applications by category, for example, games, utilities and so on.

After clicking on the folder icon to open all of its contents, while the background is blurred and obscured. It looks just gorgeous!

253x431 134 KB. Big one: 600x1024 696 KB  253x431 138 KB. Big one: 600x1024 692 KB

In addition to the shortcuts and folders on the desktop, there are widgets. Where can we live without them? Click on any free space and in the pop-up menu, select “More Widgets”, then it’s simple.

The company Xiaomi been added to your graphics modules, these are the ones you can see after clicking on the desktop. Provided weather clock widget cleaning applications of RAM, fast switches, search bar, a couple more hours, and picture frames, as well as widgets to the recommended Xiaomi applications. It is worth noting that, unlike the GO Launcher EX, nobody here does not impose an advertising widget on your desktop.

The modules themselves are simple but well made and the style system. Use them with other “launcher” will not work.

253x431 138 KB. Big one: 600x1024 685 KB  253x431 69 KB. Big one: 600x1024 236 KB
 253x431 56 KB. Big one: 600x1024 114 KB  253x431 55 KB. Big one: 600x1024 107 KB

to devote some attention to the clock widget with weather. After installing the “launcher” it appears on the main screen, and you can move it. Module Size – “2×4″ cells, while he, like all widgets (even third-party developers) do not support resizing. In the right part of the numeric keypad placed hours, the date and the name of our city, and left a weather icon and the expected temperature.

Unfortunately, some labels are not translated from Chinese – there are characters. Clicking on the clock does not open the application ‘Clock’, and in fact had been so conveniently set an alarm or activate the timer / stopwatch. But things are not so bad.

Clicking on the weather opens the temperature chart for five days: yellow line – the temperature during the day, blue – at night. Days of the week are subscribed to the Russian, but the updates to the weather again in Chinese. Select the default city, weather we want to see, you can not, available only thirties Chinese cities. Weather for all other cities have, for this purpose, the coordinates of our network, but the signature of the city will once again be in Chinese.

But the best is yet to come. When the weather you can watch the simulation of weather conditions occurring on the desktop. Promised rain? The screen will start to drip water. High temperatures and bright sun? The display will play the sun’s rays. Presented, and other weather conditions, such as a thunderstorm, snow and so on. Made all the high quality and beautiful. But if the animation is not necessary, you can disable it in the settings.

Not leaving your desk, take a look at the remaining elements. Firstly, it has moved from the regular “launcher» Android «docking bar.” It is located below and looks standard – not turned over, not turning and in no way changed. It can accommodate up to six labels inclusive. In this case, all arranged according to the center, ie the spacing between the labels and the edges of the screen will be smooth.

253x431 128 KB. Big one: 600x1024 678 KB  253x431 96 KB. Big one: 600x1024 516 KB

To configure the widgets, icons and other items placed on the desktop, you must press and hold on any blank area of ??your desktop. This will open a special edit menu. Carry any objects will be much more convenient to the same and they can be added at once.

Here there is one very interesting, but stupid trick – changing screens accelerometer. It is assumed that by selecting the icon, we do not need to drag it on a nearby table, moving to the edge of the screen, simply tilt your smartphone while holding her finger. The function itself is not very useful but someone might come in handy.

For a simple view is immediately all desktops need to press the function key and select the “Preview.”

253x431 151 KB. Big one: 600x1024 754 KB  253x431 20 KB. Big one: 600x1024 49 KB

When flipping desks, you can notice how well made their animation. Scrolling is very smooth and nice. At the beginning of the animation is set to the name of «3D cube”, respectively desktops as if located on a square surface.

In addition, there are other types of transition effects, for example, “Cascade”, “Rotation”, “Classic” and others. Modes is extremely interesting, but to the level of Buzz and the Next «launcher” it is very far away.

253x431 128 KB. Big one: 600x1024 655 KB  253x431 118 KB. Big one: 600x1024 599 KB
 253x431 116 KB. Big one: 600x1024 605 KB

Mi Launcher – is not only a “launcher”, the developers have managed to lock the screen and move from MIUI. It looks simple enough, but not devoid of personality.

At the top are the clock, as well as the name of the day of the week, and month, and in Russian. And at the bottom of the lock ring. Pull it down – unlock the gadget up – open the camera, to the left – start “dialer”, right – open the application for writing SMS-messages. After dragging the ring can hear a click, depending on the topic, which later, it may be different. As can be seen, all ingenious is simple.

Placing the ring, the view and the launch options may vary depending on the topic. And during charging in the middle is the percent charge, and it itself is represented as a battery. It is possible that there are other functions. But chip system MIUI, such as managing the media player of the lock screen, not here.

Do not forget that Mi Launcher in the first shell, and in addition to her good bonus is the lock screen. And you can use it in tandem with another application wrapper.

253x431 128 KB. Big one: 600x1024 655 KB  253x431 57 KB. Big one: 600x1024 189 KB
 253x431 116 KB. Big one: 600x1024 524 KB  253x431 164 KB. Big  one: 600x1024 795 KB

A comparison of the standard lock screen and other free themes.

253x431 15 KB. Big one: 600x1024 35 KB

From the Settings screen, you can select the function block tactile response ie vibration after moving the lock ring. Yes, while there is also a sound that can be turned off. The standard functions – on / off and change the lock screen wallpaper.

When you walk on the menu settings can be seen the characteristic rounding the edges of the screen – this chip OC MIUI. She migrated in the “launcher”, although present (due to lack of access) only in the settings menu and the shell itself, and not in all applications, as in the original.

If you liked the lock screen, you can download its full version – MiLocker. It is free and extends the functionality of all that is given to us in the envelope.

253x431 68 KB. Big one: 600x1024 215 KB  253x431 41 KB. Big one: 600x1024 81 KB
 253x431 56 KB. Big one: 600x1024 117 KB

Now proceed to other functions – on the order of hidden applications. To hide an application from prying eyes, you need to setup the application to set a password to hide. It may consist of alphanumeric characters, a total length of four characters. That is enough. Select applications that you want to hide, and they disappear. For their appearance on the desktop to perform swipe up with two fingers, then you must enter the password, then access to hidden applications open. You can hide any application, however, a common password to log in to place impossible.

From small features include function add more applications to the whitelist, so regular cleaning RAM manager never said we will unload the application. For example, the Skype client will never be closed, and we will not miss the expected call.

253x431 122 KB. Big one: 600x1024 404 KB

We now turn to the topic. Their support can boast of almost any solid “launcher” and Mi Home among them. We go to a special store, load the theme, install it and run – we get a completely different appearance. Change icons, wallpapers, fonts, and even sounds. Those very much, for every taste, color, and pocket. Some of them cost money, however, is much more free.

An interesting point – download theme can be used not only for the desktop, but also for the lock screen. Apart from the fact you can download and individual elements, such as wallpapers, ringtones, and fonts.

253x431 138 KB. Big one: 600x1024 685 KB  253x431 34 KB. Big one: 600x1024 105 KB
 253x431 169 KB. Big one: 600x1024 1061 KB  253x431 124 KB. Big one: 600x1024 606 KB

A comparison with a standard desktop theme and the other free.

253x431 101 KB. Big one: 600x1024 297 KB  253x431 159 KB. Big one: 600x1024 538 KB

The item” Desktop “is divided into three types: recommended wallpaper, top downloads and local. Local Wallpaper is our wallpaper – and preset on your phone, and uploaded to the store. There is support for live wallpaper.

We are more interested in the first two points, they differ only Sort by: number of views and downloads. If we talk about the pictures themselves, they are very, very much, they are qualitative. And if we talk about their subject, and that is a girl, and the animals, and anime, and cars, and nature scenes, and many others. In general, the choice of the background is large.

253x431 35 KB. Big one: 600x1024 111 KB  253x431 105 KB. Big one: 600x1024 435 KB

After you select any picture you can see its name, version, the developer, the upload date and rating. To view the full-size picture and see the examples of desktops.

253x431 125 KB. Big one: 600x1024 498 KB  253x431 117 KB. Big one: 600x1024 481 KB

You can select the function predpokaza, and then it will appear as if on our desktop, you can immediately download it. As already mentioned, the image can be used not only to the desktop, but on the lock screen, and can combine them. Convenient and easy.

253x431 63 KB. Big one: 600x1024 231 KB  253x431 41 KB. Big one: 600x1024 159 KB

With a choice of fonts things more interesting, the meaning of downloading and installing the former, but the excitement of the new. Sorting them still as wallpaper. But here’s the wallpaper is not the font is not so simple.

The fact that all the fonts just support Chinese and English, but Russian support was not found in any of them, but maybe it is – look.

253x431 81 KB. Big one: 600x1024 300 KB  253x431 9 KB. Big one: 600x1024 19 KB

The most unusual was the presence of ringtones. There are ringtones, notifications and alarms. Accordingly, set the ring tone as the alarm will not succeed.

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