Sunday, August 17, 2014

Smart Android-clock Asus promises to be beautiful and inexpensive –

Many manufacturers try to coincide with the debut of their portable devices on the wrist for the September’s IFA 2014, which will take place in Germany, even if the prime minister of relevant products will be held outside the perimeter of the event. By Motorola, for example, not only sent out invitations to the presentation Moto 360, but is also ready to send samples of participants of the event hours after its completion.

As the website Focus Taiwan , CEO of Asustek Computer, Jerry Shen (Jerry Shen) at a meeting with investors promised that “smart watches” Asus will be presented at IFA in September this year. As it turns out, Asus has long been working on their creation with the help of Google, and a new member of the platform Android Wear will not only attractive product design competition, but their cheaper.

However, the clock of the first generation Asus links not so much hope, waiting for the growth in demand for such devices in the second half of next year. By that time, the Company can bring to market a second-generation device. Debut as a model material impact on revenues Asustek have no time. In general, the head of the company connects with the market of portable devices, some hope, and therefore does not want to be late with the application for their place in it.


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