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Every week (on Tuesdays), we talk about the most important, interesting and significant events that occurred with Android and Android-applications in the last seven days.
Our iOS -daydzhest here. Digest Windows Phone here.





Afterlight (34 rubles) – a popular iOS-image editing application that finally appeared in Google Play. Competitors something no different: as elsewhere, there are a lot of different filters, tools (15 pieces), frames and textures (for 34 rubles you get 59 filters, 66 textures and 77 frames, and if they are not enough, you will have to use microtransactions). Very often Afterlight used in conjunction with Instagram, as the ability to edit it so much more. Even the developers strongly recommend to do this by placing tags in comments #Afterlight.



HTC released on Google Play app for its social network Zoe (for free). It is available on all Android-powered devices, but is still in the beta stage. What is Zoe? This short video, made up of your photos and videos, which you can share with your friends in a special social network. In general, a mixture of Instagram and Vine, but with a slight difference – friends can create remixes of your Zoe, adding to their own content. Visited together, say, at a concert? Sure of your photos will turn out great (Star? Retracement? We do not know) Zoe. Zoe also can be done on the website Zoe.com.



TapPath (30 rubles) – another useful application from Chris Lacey (remember Link Bubble ?). Chris still do not like the way Android handles tapas member referrals, and he offers his solution to the problem. After installing TapPath links can be opened with one, two or three tapami. One tap will open it in a particular application (eg, Chrome), two – in the other, also predetermined, and only three open tapas menu with a selection of others. After a brief addiction to control your Android-powered device will be even easier and more enjoyable!



Snapshot (free) – a simple application in which the developer has implemented an ingenious idea. It allows you to immediately launch the camera application on your phone if you unlock the screen is in landscape position. The free version of the landscape is considered only the situation in which the right side is on the bottom devaysa. If we pay the developer and open Pro-version, you can set up to run the camera, for example, at the position of the device screen down.



Game Unpossible (69 rubles) – amazingly beautiful futuristic race. The player with the high speed moving through the large pipe, which here and there poke various obstacles. The task is simple – stay alive for 60 seconds, and then open the next level. Simple operation (and furious complexity of the game), three modes of difficulty (in which velocity changes; developers warn that the latter is only for masochists) and mode of practice in which it is impossible to die. Another example of the correct development of ideas Super Hexagon ! (And no microtransactions, of course.)



Game Bik – A Space Adventure (34 rubles) – Quest developers who apparently made it clear that they are ardent fans of the classic adventure games like Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island . The plot revolves around the Bika, a little boy, who while relaxing with friends in the woods abducted by aliens. The game has lots of interesting puzzles, the impact of your choice on the outcome of events, switching between characters and even action-elements. It looks, however, crudely – retro style is difficult for developers. But to pay for it and many do not have to!



Game Surgeon Simulator (243 rubles) – a legendary surgeon simulator, caused a stir on Steam last year. After a short period of iOS-exclusive and he appeared on the Android (unfortunately, will only play on the plates). The concept is simple: you are – a surgeon, on the table – the patient (the unfortunate name is Bob, if that), around – the variety of cutting, stabbing, crushing, and other tools. The purpose – to carry out a successful operation, and the time to finish it before the patient will die from blood loss. Operations are different: a kidney transplant, heart transplant, teeth (!) And eyes (!!!). In addition, you can try yourself in the role of a medic and the corridors of the clinic to mess gurney speed. Is there a surgery in weightlessness, as it was in the PC version, the developers hold back (there, we checked out).





The new version of the client application cloud service Box the opportunity to work with notes Box Notes . Within the program now has a simple text editor with formatting functions, as well as creating lists and checklists. In addition, after the launch of the application, users will see a list of 25 files, which they opened last. Another important change is that right from the app you can now set the deadlines for access to the files of other users.



In the latest update an application with weather and other useful information The Weather Channel developers completely changed the interface. Now the program looks much prettier, and navigate its divisions has become even easier and more convenient. In addition, the added ability to personally communicate about the weather in your area, which will need to take a photo and share it with your friends. And one more small change: Displays the current temperature can now be activated at any time.



Appendix Humble Bundle has been updated to version 2.0 and got a completely new design that matches Holo-guideline. Now get access to purchased online Humble Bundle Android-games and their soundtracks (MP3 or FLAC) and other materials (such as e-books) has become easier than ever. The previous version of the application was different and unusual design unstable operation that understandably caused dissatisfaction among customers.



In the email application Dropbox Mailbox – together with the new update the opportunity to view the folder “Deleted” (yes, before the application is not allowed to do this!). In addition, any letter can now be quickly flagged as spam through the menu. Also an opportunity to create special filters for certain of email-addresses. Creating a filter is very simple – enough to make a swipe and hold your finger on the screen.





In Android Police for us again have exclusive unconfirmed information about future ecosystem Google. At this time we are talking about music service YouTube . Resource reports that the service will be called YouTube Music Key and will allow users to listen to music without advertising, and even without network access. Google Play Music All Access , meanwhile, will be renamed to Google Play Music Key . The first month of subscription free Google will make, and then for access to multi-million dollar library of songs have to pay for $ 9.99 per month. The main advantage of the new service to competitors will be that it contains not only the studio albums and singles musicians, but live recordings, remixes and covers. Unfortunately, information on when it will launch the service unavailable. Not clear, however, as will be related (and what will be different) between a YouTube Music Key and Google Play Music Key. Sounds confusing, does not it? Hopefully, Google will bring clarity to this issue in the near future.




Google has released five short videos, which tells about the useful features of devices running Android Wear . When your plane crashes? How many steps you have already done this exercise? What is the forecast for today? How heavy elephant? Do jams on the way to the beach? What is avocado – fruit or vegetable? What is now finally time? On all these questions from Google, of course, already have the answers for you. It also demonstrates the ability of Android Wear send text messages that you dictate your voice. You can watch videos on YouTube-Channel Android (www.youtube.com/user/GoogleMobile/videos).



Czech studio Madfinger Games, known for their hits Dead Trigger 2 , Shadowgun and Samurai II: Vengeance , has announced a new, um, game. It is called the Monzo and is a designer … motorcycles. “Players” will be able to buy kits of parts and imagines himself to Paul Teytlom (head of the company Orange County Choppers – Ed. ), to create their own 3D-models – both simple and fairly complex. After finishing stages of creation can be created to share with friends. In general, those who as a child loved to tinker with cars and motorcycles modelka should be like.



Attention, fans of college football! EA Sports has announced that the annual production of Madden Mobile will appear in the Google Play already on 26 August. The developers promise a simple operation (gestures and one button to perform diverse actions), the opportunity to participate in the finals of the Super Bowl and start implementation of the various tests that will bring in-game currency. By the way, on the same day at the stores will be and Madden NFL 15 for the home consoles.





In the latest report, Google stated that Android 4.4 KitKat is already installed on 20,9% Android-devices .


Shares King Digital fell – their new games can not earn as much as earning Candy Crush Saga .


October 4 for Android-based tablets will be released game Skylanders Trap Team .


Staff App Annie estimated income from the mobile games of different genres.


Tomorrow on Google Play will be a new game from the authors of Incredipede Deep Under the Sky .


In the game show Gamescom in Cologne announced Syberia 3 . On Android – will be released!


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