Friday, August 29, 2014

Android-card Nokia Here will be exclusively available on smartphones Samsung – 3DNews

Google Maps is one of the strengths of the platform Android, but Samsung has decided to offer its users as an alternative to other high-quality maps Nokia Here. The beta version Here for Android will be available exclusively for Samsung Galaxy devices by the time of sale of new smart hours Gear S.

Clock Gear S will get step by step through the Navigator application pedestrian navigation Here, support for public transport, and will be able to sync routes with compatible smartphones. Partnership agreement, which brings Here at Android-phones Samsung, is just an extension of that license agreement that provides mapping capabilities for said new hours of the Korean company on the platform Tizen.

Here for Android can offer detailed maps for more than 200 countries, step by step navigation while walking or driving a car in nearly 100 countries; traffic information in more than 40 countries, information about public transportation in more than 750 urban areas.

Rising popularity of portable devices and automotive electronics allow mapping companies have confidence in the growth of their business. The next step in the development of digital maps is mapping indoor: for example, to navigate to the shopping malls, train stations, museums and so on. Here are maps in more than 90 thousand rooms in 71 countries.

In recent years the relationship Google and Samsung are a growing concern. Initiatives like hours Gear S, in which the platform is no place on Google, as well as the upcoming (but all the time-delayed) launch smartphones based on its own platform Tizen show that Samsung would like to reduce the dependence of its business from Android and the whole ecosystem from Google.

Here for Android – a new small step in this direction, although how strong he can make an impact – is not yet clear. Initially, in November 2012, Nokia is going to bring their cards on the platform of Google and Apple, but last year the application Here for iOS missing from the app store App Store. It is worth noting that the mobile environment the web version of the map service Nokia can access any modern device, but it is unlikely to greatly affect the dominance maps Google.

In the latest announcement of Nokia and Samsung are actively’s features work in offline -rezhime and quality of Android-version mapping service Here. However, the latest update of Google Maps largely negate these advantages – Annex added offline mode and other significant innovations. However, the choice does not hurt anyone.



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