Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nvidia processor Android-tablet will surpass the speed of Apple iPad – Lenta.ru

Nvidia presented at the Hot Chips conference details about 64-bit version of your processor K1. It was noted that it will be faster than Apple A7, used in the iPhone and iPad, according to the resource pcworld.com.

In its official blog, the company said the device on a 64-bit processor K1 will be available until the end of the year. In parallel, Nvidia is working on the appearance of the 64-bit version of Android L.

From mobile devices on 64-bit processors on the market today are only the Apple iPhone and iPad last modifications. Processors and Nvidia K1 Apple A7 made on the same architecture ARMv8, and about the processor Nvidia knows that it will contain 2 processing cores and 192 graphics. K1 processor will run at a frequency of 2.5 GHz, the same frequency works the fastest at the moment the processor for Android-powered devices Snapdragon 801.

Features K1 look impressive, but neither the frequency nor the number of cores can not speak directly about the performance of the processor. In addition, a new generation iPad will use new processor generations A8. Of Qualcomm and Mediatek also announced a 64-bit processor for Android-powered devices. Therefore, even if the first time to Nvidia to release a 64-bit processor for Android-powered devices, it expects stiff competition from competitors that occupy a much larger share of the market.

At the moment, it is not obvious whether the user gets the advantage of using 64-bit processors in mobile devices. The representative of the company Nvidia at the conference said that the 64-bit version of the K1 runs 2-4 times faster than 32-bit, depending on the task. The new processor is positioned to play and corporate objectives.


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