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Weakens IOS, Android is gaining momentum –


Soon, Apple will iPhone 6. Most likely, this event will take place in the autumn. Although this phone giant sales forecast, saying that the iOS platform is strong, it does not turn. It will cover the current year only about 15% of users of mobile operating systems. While almost everyone else is using Android. From the perspective of the average user, cosmetic differences between the most popular operating systems of the planet ceased to play a significant role.

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Resource Business Insider put together some interesting statistics. In the fourth quarter of 2013, Google Android operating system covered 78% of the user base of mobile devices. Apple iOS got only 18% of the audience. These are data from research firm IDC.

Android is growing in every way

According to her forecasts, in 2014 the position of Android will grow and 80.2% of owners of mobile devices will be its users. While the number of users of iOS will be reduced to 14.8%. Profit from mobile applications, according to Distimo, growing faster than from programs for iOS. Opera Mediaworks also notes that mobile ads for Android is also growing rapidly.

Yes, Apple continues to hold a sizeable proportion of the market. But almost all the rest of it was in Android. As experts IDC, the quality of Android phones is growing, and it is in the long term means that the device on the basis of the most popular mobile OS world increasingly compete on equal terms with the devices Apple.

If you talk about future, IDC predicts that Android market share in 2018 will be 77.6%. Around the same time the market share of Apple’s mobile operating system will be reduced to 13.7%. During this time kupertinovskaya Corporation cede part of its market share of mobile platforms to its old rival Microsoft Windows. At least so thought at IDC. Perhaps, in this case, Microsoft and too early to think about the full transition to Android.

East, not the West will be the main market for smart phones

According to forecasts IDC, the main growth of the smartphone market will be observed in Asia and China. For Apple, it’s a problem, because in the Chinese market, according to Distimo, dominated by Android. Weak sales and high prices of Apple products in the East – an unfavorable factor for the mighty kupertinovskoy Corporation.

On the other hand, in some developing countries, Apple offers its iPhone 4S as the entry-level phone. It gives analysts reason to believe that the Chinese market is waiting for Apple growth. But will this growth enough?

Price Android-devices attractive

The average price of Android-smartphone is $ 200. And the average iPhone buyer costs three times as much, at $ 600. Thereby Apple as it asks consumers – if they’re willing to pay three times for her phone? And 80% of people respond negatively, buying “umnofony” based on Android.

Branding and quality of the goods, of course, important. In this regard, Apple has always managed to win. Apple’s business model is to produce only the most profitable things, and not the mass. Therefore, the reduction of the market share, perhaps not very concerned standing at the head of the corporation Tim Cook. Indicator of profitability and shareholder satisfaction depends on whether the company is profitable, and not on the mass of its products.

But the history of computer technology presents one very important lesson – any Soup eventually become cheaper and better. And those who are trying to sell as dearly as possible, eventually losing.

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What do you think, Android dominates and will dominate only because of the relative cheapness of devices based on it? Or it has other important advantages, which provide him gains on certain recession popularity iOS? What is the role of Windows Phone in this game? Do glow fades iPhone, or in Cupertino just cook something new that will make the world forget about smartphones and switch to a discussion about the new theme? After all, what-what, and the creation of new subjects for interviews and discussions in the blogosphere have “epplovtsev” still was not equal.

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