Friday, August 22, 2014

Android ecosystem suffers from fragmentation – 3DNews

The company Open Signal announced the results of the study, during which the studied ecosystem of devices running the mobile operating system Android.

It is noted that the Android-infrastructure suffers from severe defragmentation. Currently, the market represented about 19 thousands of different mobile devices based on Android. For comparison, last year the figure was 12 thousand.

Android-phones offer a variety of companies. Among them there are both world famous brands like Samsung and HTC, and a lot of almost unknown Chinese suppliers.

Another feature of the ecosystem Android – a large number of versions of the platform available on the market. The most common OS edition is Jelly Bean. The total share of different versions of this system is estimated to be 54.2%. On KitKat 4.4 falls 20.9% market share, and operating systems line Gingerbread occupy 13,6% Android-industry. Approximately 10.6% from the platform Ice Cream Sandwich; share of Froyo is about 0,7%.

Another problem of the Android ecosystem is a large number of threats. So, according to “Kaspersky Lab” in 2013, this software platform were targeted 98.05% of all mobile malware, indicating that as the popularity of this operating system, and the vulnerability of its architecture.



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