Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Android-smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will identify obstacles with ultrasound –

Ultrasound in nature is used regardless of the person: the bats echolocation method able to detect obstacles in the flight, and the inhabitants of the deep sea ultrasound is used to exchange information. I must say that people with impaired visual function with proper training can use echolocation in the audible range for land navigation. According to the website SamMobile, one developed for the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 4 branded accessories allow them to go to the ultrasound to achieve these goals.

Samsung will offer for Galaxy Note 4 special case with the function of ultrasonic echolocation. The device will allow people with visual impairments to detect the presence of obstacles in the path – obviously reflected from the object signal is somehow transformed into a human-readable notification. Sensitivity “sonar” can configure: with increasing distance sector “fire” will be narrowed. In any case, the use of this accessory does not allow a person to go without a cane or a guide, but only facilitate orientation in an unfamiliar place.


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