Sunday, August 10, 2014

5 Reasons for deciding to wait for the Android L before buying a new smartphone –

 Android L

Google will in the near future promises to release a new operating system Android L, which was announced at the conference Google I / O. Initially it will be available only to owners of Nexus-aids. And as we know, third-party manufacturers often like to release a new device with a fresh operating system, than to engage the support of existing devices. Let’s think about whether to buy a new smartphone now or better to wait for the new devices.

Performance and autonomy

About Android L increased productivity has been said a lot. Increase the speed of expect because the final transition from the Dalvik runtime environment on Art. Because of this, an application on a smartphone, though will take a bit more memory work much faster than they should.

In addition to the performance, one of the key features of the new operating system is the Project Volta, which will have to significantly increase the battery life of a single charge. Tests showed that Android L version for developers, autonomy Nexus 5 increased by 36%.


On the innovations in the chamber until the operating system has been said a little. However, it’s worth it to pay some attention. As the resource , Google has added significant capabilities in the API chamber Android L. The most important new feature is support for uncompressed format RAW, which is known to the majority of professional photographers.

& # x41A; & # x430; & # x43C; & # x435; & # x440; & # x430; & # x432; Nexus 5

In addition, the updated camera should be able to full manual control, which may also please lovers of good pictures. In addition to these features, Google promises to finalize some more moments of camera functions, eg, determine the white balance.


In Android L, Google adds a number of features related to security devices and stored its data. It is expected that work will be greatly improved Android Device Manager, but also has additional internal and external functions that will need to protect your smartphone.

Support for 64-bit processors

It is reported that the operating system Android L will have the support of 64-bit processors. Like it or not, but this innovation will experience only the owners of new vehicles. Devices running on processors with 64-bit architecture, will have increased performance and additional features compared to current devices on 32-bit processors.

Interaction with wearable electronics

In Android L , at a conference I / O, Google has demonstrated a platform for handheld devices called Android Wear. As reported, the updated operating system will have more opportunities to interact with smart watches and fitness bracelet, which appears more and more in the market. Also in Android L will be improved with the automotive system Android Car platform and Android TV.

 Android Wear


Of course, the owners of the flagship device in 2014 do not worry, because the most likely upgrade callers must be received shortly after the official announcement of the operating system. However, if you are the owner is not entirely new smartphone and you have a desire to renew it this year, then we can advise you to wait a little bit with the purchase of the device and wait for the new devices on the Android L.


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