Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Steep pepper in Chinese: review android-smartphone Yusun Chili LA-Q1 / BEIDOU La-Q1 –

Device Type

Yusun Chili LA-Q1 (Beidou LA-Q1)

NVIDIA Tegra 3 Kal-El,
4×1300 MHz Cortex A9

ULP GeForce (12 cores)

Operating System
Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean


Internal Memory, GB

IPS 4.7 “, 1280 x 720

Camera megapixels
8, front 2


Number SIM-card units.

Support MicroSD

GPRS, Wi-Fi (b / g / n), BT, 3G

Yes / Yes / No

Battery mAh

Size mm
70 x 139 x 10

Weight, g

Price, RR

Based on the characteristics, we have a typical mid-level smartphone. It is present and a decent quad-core processor with a relatively fast video accelerator and HD display. The only thing that upsets – frankly the old version of the OS. Well, it supports only one SIM card, it is essential for someone.

And old-timers may be skeptical about the battery, given appetites SoC NVIDIA Tegra 3 (hello owners HTC One X).

Package and Accessories

449x424 46 KB. Big one: 1499x1417 357 KB

The packaging looks bright and interesting. Catches the eye “small chili” little characters and LA inscription in the corner of the box.

449x408 46 KB. Big one: 1499x1362 404 KB

On the back side there are no technical characteristics that a little difficult to find reliable information.

box in design is not anything interesting, it opens on the classical scheme.

280x449 58 KB. Big one: 933x1499 339 KB

The obverse image except pepper and abbreviations LA nothing useful.

449x217 49 KB. Big one: 1499x725 480 KB

One of the ends of states – «Powered by NVIDIA TEGRA ». Trade sticker contains some useful information, in particular bar code, date of manufacture and model name.

449x406 54 KB. Big one: 1499x1356 322 KB

Inside we were met by a smartphone in a plastic bag. All accessories are located “in the basement.”

see what we are supposed to.

449x400 58 KB. Big one: 1499x1335 451 KB

Package quite poor:

  • documentation in Chinese;

  • Cord microUSB;

  • Charger;

  • adapter.

not put a stereo headset, a pity. Even with one of the cheapest smartphones of the number we had in our testing – Explay Hit , the user is prompted to set the headset.

Look at the accessories closer.

410x449 45 KB. Big one: 1368x1499 451 KB

Charger looks stylish and expensive. It is a pity that its use will need an adapter.

278x449 47 KB. Big one: 926x1498 385 KB

And here is the terrible quality adapter. Such can be found complete with Jiayu G4 .

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