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Vertu Constellation: luxury Android - News

Vertu Constellation: luxury Android


new smartphone in the line of Constellation – one of the cheapest models produced by British company. In Russia, it will be sold at a price equivalent to € 5100 – € 200 on more expensive than in Europe. For this amount the user will get a very modern, stylish device with a familiar ruby ??buttons services Vertu and unfamiliar Android 4.2.2 (with auto-update). The latter fact was a good, because until recently, manufacturers of luxury phones and smartphones almost unanimously declared conservatism of their customers who are not chasing novelties, and prefer the time-tested solutions.

English company, probably one of the first to act contrary to the canons – to take the same Vertu Ti based on Android 4.0, released earlier this year. The new model Vertu Constellation in design and functionality even closer to the characteristics of high-end smartphones, designed for the mass market. But did not change their traditions in terms of materials and workmanship: instead of plastic and aluminum Vertu still puts on an exceptional build quality, titanium casing, sapphire crystal display and a genuine leather trim.

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When compared to Ti, the new model is more colorful and modern. For future owners prepared five different colors smartphone – from traditional black to orange-garde. On top of the smartphone microUSB connector and audio jack on the right side – two volume buttons, and just below the power button. Left – dark red button service activation Vertu and the SIM-card. Finally, on the back – main camera lens, flash and speakers placed on a metal substrate.

In fact, designers, carefully preserved all the main emphasis of style – a “tick”, ruby ??button Vertu, sapphire crystal display, titanium case and the back cover in calfskin – Failed to create the smartphone form factor close to the classic “flat” gadget (thickness – 11.2 mm), but not sparkling facets 200-gram bar, which is typical for Vertu. Thus in his modern dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon (1,7 GHz), 32 GB of internal memory, a standard set of wireless modules Wi-Fi, Bluethooth 4.0, NFC. You can criticize the lack of support in the smart phone cards microSD, but there is no perfection in the world.

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performance tests showed that the new Constellation feels quite confident in the company’s top-end smartphone – it is powerful enough to work with demanding applications. Heat transfer of the case – not lower than that of other high-end smartphones, but real leather softens not very pleasant sensation.

capacity of the battery – 1800 mAh – the assurances of the staff of the Russian office Vertu, should be enough for the whole working day at normal load, you can always use the Wi-Fi, periodically go Network and call, especially not limiting yourself. But if guided by the experience, the official indicator of battery life Constellation is small and we have a suspicion that the charger is its owner will have to keep to yourself.

Vertu also says doubling the time of talk time – up to 14.5 hours, and standby time – up to 405 hours. We just let me remind you that the official data and the real match is very rare.

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Extending the smartphone, according to the company, was achieved largely due to the economical 4.3-inch display. Interestingly, it seems more visually, but looking more closely you can see the 5-mm frame. The entire top panel of the smartphone is protected from damage with a sapphire crystal, which, of course, affected the corners of the screen: it is necessary to deviate slightly from the perpendicular, as the picture becomes cloudy, and then turns into a negative. Nevertheless, a display resolution of 1280×720 and a decent margin of brightness and contrast give good quality picture with natural colors.

Note also that the sapphire crystal very quickly covered with fingerprints – oleophobic coating is clearly not doing its job.

basic 13-megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash – a step forward compared with the 8 megapixel camera in the Vertu Ti. But today it is the de facto standard for smartphones running Android.

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The new Constellation installed current version of Android 4.2.2, with a standard set of applications. But the desire to release available (by the standards of Vertu, of course) model affected the branded services. In the new model, for example, there is Vertu Concierge, as a precursor – were only Life and Certainty. In other words, the owners of the most advanced smart phone will not be able to order through the mobile concierge coffee in bed or to reserve a plane ticket at any time. However, customers who previously gained access to the service, with the purchase of a new smartphone will be able to continue to use it. However, savings of more than € 3 million with the purchase of a smartphone – the average price of Vertu Ti is € 8300 – to smooth out the bitterness of the loss.

Today the new Vertu Constellation world premiere and official sales in Russia will begin in late October – early November.

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