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Chocolate Android - BBC

new version of the Android 4.4 KitKat will be released later this month. “Times” brought together well-known information about the new operating system and expert forecasts. It is expected that the smartphone Google Nexus 5 and KitKat platform will be presented at the same time.

out last updated mobile OC from Google, Android 4.4 KitKat, – one of the most anticipated events of the IT-fall. Virtually all of the details about the new platform are already known from numerous leaks, other parts experts predict.

Nexus 5 will be doubled cheaper new iPhone

Google Nexus: cheap and effective

The foreign press has new information about the smartphone Nexus 5, which Google must officially announce in the near future … ?


new version of OS Android 4.4, dubbed KitKat, will present at the time, and when the Nexus 5, experts say. Gadgets of the Nexus line always are the first devices running on newer versions of Android, and the new smartphone is no exception.

presentation will take place most likely in the event Google Launch Pad already this evening, 15 October, but Google may behave unpredictably. No wonder even the name of the new version of the long kept secret – until September it was announced that the new Android will not be called Key Lime Pie, and KitKat (Google has signed a partnership agreement with Nestle, which produces chocolate bars under the same name). So experts do not rule out that the premier platform may be delayed until the end of October.

Why criticize and praise for what users iOS 7

«curse you, iOS!» and other reactions to the iOS 7

users gadget from Apple has a new version of the operating system iOS. New features in the OS and its updated design caused a flurry of … ?


All available screenshots of the new OS demonstrate: in the design of the new Android some catastrophic change, rather they can be called cosmetic. The experts point out that the Android platform is now a little more like iOS. However, as reported by “Times”, the users iOS 7 also noted that Apple’s operating system has become somewhat resemble Android. Thus, it is clear that IT-giants obviously “exchange ideas».

top line status in the KitKat became transparent, as in iOS, and icons in it – white. In addition, the screen lock icon appears chamber by pulling that can cause the application to fotovideosemki, according to the Italian IT-portal TuttoAndroid. Will not go away, however, and the ability to launch the camera swipe from the right edge of the display.

portal 9to5Google reports that the icons on the notification, the notification bar can now be not only white, but also colored. For example, notice of the application to call now blue, and from Google Hangouts – green. In this case, we can not exclude that the cause of the unusual colors of icons – the applications themselves, and not the operating system, experts say.

Panel icons and menu button at the bottom of the home screen applications will no longer be separated by a horizontal line from the rest of the home screen. In this case disappeared from the menu widgets – the user will have to add them as in Android 2.3 and earlier versions, ie through a long press on the home screen.


Neither the list of applications on the home screen or in the screenshots Android 4.4 is not the usual icon “Messages” – as specified blog Android Developers, users of the new operating system will be able to select an application for SMS and MMS yourself. Also disappeared application “Gallery” icon instead of it now Google Photos. Experts suggest that it is more tightly integrated with the user’s photo album service Google+.

likely to smartphones with the new OS will be installed by default, and such programs from Google, like Drive, Keep and Quickoffice (now they are installed on Android-smartphones are optional, depending on the preference of the supplier or manufacturer), suggest experts edition CNet. “Many Android users already know that this trio application works seamlessly with other Google products and adds productivity”, – stated in the review of the publication.


KitKat will be updated and the voice search, says the source portal TuttoAndroid. In particular, it will feature “always listening”, previously implemented in the smart phone Moto X. Voice Search can be called at any time by saying “okay, Google», – no need to touch the phone. The “Intelligent Assistant» Google Now you can activate not only swipe up from the button “Home”, but prolistnuv to the extreme left of the home screens.

also informed sources say smoother and faster work with the new smartphone software, which takes much less memory than the previous version of Android 4.3, which means that the new platform can be comfortable to use even on cheaper smartphones and weaknesses.


«camera» Android also expect changes – in particular, the new version of the program will be able to add filters to the pictures, frames and effects – such as the popular app Instagram. Previously, it was possible to do through Google+, but this required first to upload a photo to a cloud server. In addition, pictures can be rotated slightly and “otzerkalivat”, and adjust the color balance in pictures.

Other innovations include the ability to save photos locally in PDF format, and export images in different sizes, and send them to print – it will be possible to choose the paper size, orientation, and color or black-and-white printing. «Google can implement the function of Cloud Print (« cloud printing “) in the operating system itself, instead of making a separate application” – predicts CNet.

Release date

new operating system can be installed on the “old” line of gadgets Nexus a few weeks after the official launch of Nexus 5. Soon after, she will appear in other device – in this case in the first place will be able to upgrade the OS owners of new and popular smart phones such as the LG G2 or HTC One, experts say. Most users are Android 4.1 and 4.2 will be able to crunch Android KitKat this winter.

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