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Irina Blok said that it had established a logo Android - 3DNews

Resource of The New York Times recently published an article on the website logo of Google Android. Irina Blok (Irina Blok) drew one of the most famous logos in the world – a green humanoid robot. However, it did her famous – the designer can name only one instance when her persona attracted public attention on this issue.

In 2010, she and her daughter took place in the theater, waiting for the beginning of the movie “Alice in Wonderland” and the screen during some advertising appeared logo Android. Her daughter, remembers Mrs. Block, suddenly stood up and shouted: «My mom came up with it!» . All sitting in the front row turned around and looked with amazement at the troublemaker and her mother. Irina Blok was so embarrassed that hid his face behind a box of popcorn.

Android logo appeared in the three years prior to the events described above, when Ms. Block worked as a designer at Google. The search giant was preparing to introduce the world to its mobile operating system, so that the unit Irina with her fellow designers were given the task to develop the look of this platform, which would be easily recognizable by users. At the same logo as she was told, was to have something to do with robots, so that it is in search of inspiration drawn attention to the sci-fi toys, movies, and everything that could render any help in creating the image.

Eventually inspiration came from a source not in any way associated with robots, from the icons of universal male and female, who can often be found at the entrance to the restrooms or on the road signs. She drew the most simplistic image of a robot with the body in the form of a can and antennae on his head.

During the development of the logo Ms. Block and his colleagues came to the conclusion that he, as the platform itself must be open. «We decided that it should be a joint logo that anyone in the world could be modified , – she said. – It was a pretty bold move ». Most companies, of course, protect your brand from copycats and to protect the rights of the corporate mark sometimes open up millions in legal proceedings. A logo offered free to modify Android.

Since green robot from the Android logo dressed in ninja used ski and skateboard, and even turned into a chocolate Kit-Kat, limited edition. Ms. Block, who is now working in the creative director Edmodo (a social network for students and teachers), compares the logo with children: «You give life to this person, then it has been independently» .

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