Monday, October 7, 2013

Themer will forget about the ugly Android-interfaces - BBC News

appeared in Google Play app Themer, prompting thousands to choose from a variety of desktops for Android-based smartphones. The essence of it is this: the user is viewing gallery interfaces created by independent designers for the site, and in a couple of clicks loads liked.

are a total of more than 48,000 “themes” that change the background image, appearance, icons, fonts, widgets, menus, command launcher and other elements of Android. If you get tired of the interface, you can quickly change to another.

“Soon we will have a stylized iOS 7. now one of the most popular ‘fact’ is a concept Android KitKat”, – says the head of the project Ashwin Dingra. According to him, the startup expects to earn at companies that want to promote their brands, stylizing them under the interface, as well as a paid placement of icons with programs that are not actually on the device is not present. If a user clicks on a “dummy”, he offered to install the application.

Themer compatible with the version of Android 4.1 and above. Tablets are not supported yet. At the moment the program is held closed beta: you can download it from Google Play, but to start need to enter the invitation code. It can be obtained by filling out an application online Themer.

If the default desktop you’re tired, but you do not want to radically change the interface of the system, it is recommended to reading our review of the best “live wallpaper” for Android.

Sources: Google Play, CNET

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