Friday, October 4, 2013

Microsoft seeks install Windows as a second OS on Android-smartphones -

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Microsoft is in talks with HTC on how to make their second Windows Phone operating system produced by HTC Android-smartphones, Bloomberg reported citing informed sources.

According to the source, the negotiations leading Terry Meyerson (Terry Myerson), Vice President of Operating Systems provided by Microsoft, responsible for strategy in the field of operating systems and their development. The group is not only a Windows Phone, but also on Windows and the Xbox.

In order to motivate HTC to install two operating systems, Meyerson offered to deliver the HTC Windows Phone license at a reduced price or even free of charge.

How Microsoft intends to implement a range of operating systems, not specified. Probably, the company expects that the user can select the platform when you reboot the mobile device or select the default OS in the settings.

HTC is one of the few manufacturers of smartphones in the WP. According to Bloomberg, its latest Windows Phone smartphone company HTC introduced in June 2013 and since then has not reported plans to release new devices on the Linux operating system.

Besides HTC, smartphones based on Microsoft released Samsung and Nokia. Nokia produces more than 80% of all vehicles put on the market in the WP. In early September, Microsoft announced its intent to acquire Nokia’s mobile business for 5.44 billion euros.

Microsoft aims to keep HTC, suggesting WP as a second OS on smartphones

Observers say that Microsoft wants to eliminate any obstacles in the way of users to the platform Windows Phone. The desire to make it the second operating system is a case in point.

Microsoft recently started accepting in their own stores in the U.S. and Canada used iPhone, hoping that the buyer, who passed the machine, choose a smartphone platform WP. Used for iPhone company promises to give a discount on their products in an amount not less than $ 200.

According to IDC, in the II quarter of 2013 WP share of the global smartphone market was 3.7%, compared with 79% for Android and 13% for iOS. Windows Phone platform was introduced in early 2010, and the first smartphone based on it was released in October of the same year.

Yesterday, October 3, HTC reported its first unprofitable quarter since then, as in 2002, became a public company. Loss products on the basis period ended September 30, totaled 2.97 billion Taiwan dollars ($ 101 million). A year earlier, the company recorded a profit of $ 3.9 billion Taiwan dollars.

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