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Selecting ZOOM: Top 10 Games for Android -

theme is actually quite controversial and even as old as the world: it is clear that here in the foreground own taste as a measure of “coolness” of the game. For some people it may be the best game of the worst – and the worst for one person to be number one game to another. But still there is a certain critical mass of people who recognize the title a great product, and that the number of fans of a toy (as well as how often it has been marred in the rankings), we focused in the selection of candidates for seats in the list. Also, unlike many hit-lists, we do not rank the games by type: that is the rating you see how the shooter and arcade unpretentious and Angry Birds. In fact, the more important fact is how the game is interesting, what its status is, is not it?

Ten of the best entertainment on your phone

Need for Speed ??Most Wanted

«Need for Speed” production of the famous Electronic Arts has come in the mobile world, as well as many games, PC and consoles. NFS is a series originally was fairly simple race, but subject to the laws of physics and even with licensed cars. One of the games in the series (and they have already released a dozen) has even been entirely devoted to the production of cars Porsche (Need for Speed ??5 Porsche Unleashed) with a completely unbelievable to 2000 level of compliance with the laws of physics and customization. After this game NFS very simplified (not caring questions as physics), and, in the end, came to mobile platforms, as expected. Need for Speed ??is now abundantly represented in the Play Store, and many publishers do not stop using the name of the famous and colorful images to promote their cheap crafts. And calling them with “Need for Drift”, “Need for Super Speed” and other suggestive clear association names.

itself is presented as a series of remakes like Need for Speed ??Hot Pursuit (the first game of the NFS series for the PC with the police, published over 15 years ago) and the more recent Need for Speed ??Most Wanted. In this game, you can chase or just with rivals on real licensed cars, or else go to the police (in fact, the most recent and well-developed, if appealing to the name of the game). It’s best to play on the tablet or on fablete, and with sufficiently powerful tablet or fablete as the game has full 3D.

turns on the slopes by using the slopes of the device into a three-dimensional plane. Actually, no special difficulties in the game to be and should not be: it is training response and the enjoyment of the control fast racing car on a beautiful, high quality of rendered landscapes. By the way, this NFS and famous from the beginning.

Cost Need for Speed: Most Wanted is 4.5 euros, and thus there is no trial period – all everyone knows. Suitable for all fans of the series, and just to drive fans sitting in the queue.

Fruit Ninja

course, our rating could not do without this simple but highly popular toys, which can be called a “murderer of time,” while not straining the brain. In fact, how difficult a direct function of the tablet – touch screen? With his help you catch someone tossed an unknown lower fruit and deftly cut them in half or into several parts flick of a finger. But be careful: the crafty one with fruit tuck loves you and bombs, which will lead to the emergence of such a hateful inscriptions Game Over.

Cut fruit can be in different types of games: you can just have fun and kill some time, we can play together on one screen, you can fight in turnament: it all depends on your desire. By the way, this is one of the few blockbuster games that are free at the same time.

Cut the Rope

under this title in the Play Store you can find not just one game, as much as a few. However, it does not really matter, because they all make sense about the same: you play a funny creature called Om-Nom-Nom, the goal of all bodily movements which – eat candy. Sweets are usually located in remote places, to which you can get, swinging on a rope (which should cut the time – that’s the meaning of the title game), or taking off in a bubble, or even making some simple action. Games contain several hundred small and simple levels, which, however, are quite exciting.

game of “yum-Am Nyamaa” has a great cartoon graphics, and development of the same name was a short series, created by studio Toonbox, to draw the infamous Mr.Freeman – while it only costs a dollar, but it will give you many hours of dead time, which is usually nowhere to go.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft – this game is unique in many ways. She is a designer of the virtual world, in which reality is created by the player. This genre is called a “sandbox”, and in the case of Minecraft add the phrase “with elements of survival and open world».

The game is quite strange and archaic design, reminiscent of earlier games in MS-DOS: it is made up of square pixels in the graphics department, in fact it is called “out of the blocks.” Among them are absolutely all items in the game, and it opens a lot of room for creativity. To the surprise of the game came to mind for many people and got into a hit-lists around the world.

Speaking about the purpose of the game, then, as such, it is not. The player builds his own world, trying to survive on an uninhabited land, build housing, extracts resources (including food), and after dark it start attacking monsters (which can be disabled by selecting “peaceful” mode of the game). There are several game modes, several types of worlds – in short, a man with a visionary go into designing a space for a long time.

Originally the game was released for the PC (of the supported operating systems is listed and Linux) and consoles, but Minecraft Pocket Edition now have in their arsenal and portable devices on Android and iOS, not to mention the Sony PSP.

Real Racing 3

Electronic Arts is not only known for a series of Need for Speed, speaking specifically about racing games: Real Racing 3 is known, no less, but fans of mobile games. Over 10 million downloads of the game in the Play Store said about that the better things.

In the description of the game EA is focusing on the word “real” – «real»: the real machine (that is licensed by the model), the actual route (that is written off in the present landscape), real people (meaning, of course, multiplayer mode game).

main trump card of this game – it’s free. The second advantage – it is simple. Control of the game by default is simply reduced to tilt the tablet to the left or right – brakes and presses the gas pedal game itself. It is not clear what pleasure there can be trimmed to obtain, but the number of downloads speaks for itself.

Of course, if the game is free, then wait for the paid components and the way it is. First you need to download a gigabyte of data, and for a game or earn in-game currency daily races, or buy anything for real money.

But the graphics in the game is really great and even not every device it can play without delay. It also needs to be borne in mind by downloading and installing Real Racing 3.

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