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users of Android-devices, attention!

Valery Vasiliev
26.10.2013 11:06:23

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Experts of company “Doctor Web” argue that the Russian segment of the Internet for about 3% of websites (about 45 thousand, it’s a lot) redirect the users of mobile devices running on the Android operating system to malicious Internet resources.

In the least harmful “harmless” version, it will be reduced to watching commercials. Well, then on the rise – the amount of damage depends on the vulnerability of interest to the user and his or her personality intruders.

can become infected even have “proven”, repeatedly visited resources. The reason is that, as a previously uninfected, they may, for whatever reason (eg, publication of information that attracted attention at the time of the Internet audience) to get into the focus of attackers who find a way to infect a resource (one of them pointed to ” Doctor Web “vulnerabilities in software content management systems (Content Management Systems).

What to do? Recommendation known – use protection that quickly updated blacklists of web resources.

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