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Chairman of the board Google said that Android is safer than iOS - CNews.ru

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Chairman of the Board Eric Schmidt, Google (Eric Schmidt) said during an interview at the event, Gartner Symposium / ITxpo 2013 that Android is a more secure platform than iOS. This statement caused laughter in the audience hall of the many participants, reports ZDNet.

During the interview, an analyst at Gartner David Willis (David Willis), who heads the department for the study of mobile technology, Schmidt said: “If you spend a survey of those present here, many will answer you that Android is not their the main platform. When you speak «Android», people will tell you that Android is not safe ».

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Schmidt replied: “Do not safe? Yes, it is more secure than the iPhone ».

Then, however, Schmidt evaded direct explanation of his answer. Rather than explain why Android is more secure platform, he moved to the story of its prevalence, saying that now there are more than 1 billion users Android.

Schmidt explained that, having so many users, Android passes the most stringent safety testing in the real world.

Recall that in the latest version of Android – 4.3 Jelly Bean – adds support for SELinux technology with the “Mandatory Access Control” and a new programming interface KeyChain API for storing passwords and other innovations. In addition, the vulnerability has been fixed MasterKey. All this, according to experts, should enhance the security of the platform. Version 4.3 was introduced in July 2013

Eric Schmidt was unable to explain why Android is safer

add that Schmidt’s opinion is diametrically opposed to the conclusion of a number of experts in information security. They argue that iOS is more secure due to the fact that is a closed system, and that Apple checks for malicious code each published in the App Store app.

However, some researchers disagree with Schmidt.

The conference also touched upon the problem of fragmentation of Android – the availability of a wide variety of devices, and more recent versions of the platform, which developers need to ensure application compatibility, which complicates their work. In response to a question regarding this issue, Schmidt said that Android users have a store Google Play, in which they can always download to the mobile device they are interested in the program.

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