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New iPhone conceded Android-smartphone for battery life -

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New smartphones Apple – iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c – give way to the new Motorola Droid smartphone on a number of parameters, which makes them less advantageous purchase. Such a verdict passed a popular American edition of Consumer Reports.

According to the results of tests

observers found that smart phones Motorola Droid Maxx, Ultra Mini and have a longer battery life than the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, constitute not less than 24 hours.

also noted that Motorola smartphones have larger screens compared to iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, which, in the opinion of the editorial board, is their obvious advantage.

The advantages of Motorola smartphones in Consumer Reports also carried the availability of innovative features. Smartphones responds to voice commands «OK Google Now» and ready to go every time the user pronounces it, including when the screen is locked. In addition, the devices are able to consistently display information on the screen of missed events, according to the manufacturer, with no impact on battery life.

devices were announced in July 2013 They are running an operating system Android.

To achieve long battery life in the new models of Motorola smartphones could by equipping the new processor Motorola X8.

Consumer Reports says that the iPhone 5s worse Motorola Droid

As noted by PhoneArena, Consumer Reports recommends buying the Droid Maxx, Ultra Mini and instead of iPhone, without considering the fact that these devices are only available from one operator – Verizon Wireless, – while sales of Apple’s smartphone is what all the major operators.

In Consumer Reports did not specify which standards smartphones they compared. In the networks of different standards battery life varies.

Despite the fact that the preference was given to devices Droid, edition of Consumer Reports said some of the strengths of the new iPhone: increased productivity (both phones, despite the fact that the iPhone 5c is based on the platform of the iPhone 5), longer battery life, enhanced management capabilities with a voice functions Siri, a new version of the operating system iOS – iOS 7 – and fairly accurate fingerprint scanner.

Consumer Reports gives regular assessment of the most popular and anticipated gadgets. In the May 2013 edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4 recognized the best smartphone on the market at the aggregate tests. In the August edition recommended to temporarily refrain from purchasing the tablet Google Nexus 7 of the second generation because of the bugs. This is the same publication in 2010, considered it a problem with the iPhone 4 antenna is too serious to recommend buyers to purchase a new smartphone.

magazine Consumer Reports published since 1936 Consumers Union of U.S., one goal of which is to protect consumers.

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