Monday, October 21, 2013

Oculus is preparing a 4K-model Rift, get new versions of the OS Android - 3DNews

While the world still awaits the arrival of consumer HD-version of virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift, developers are eyeing the displays higher resolution 4K. Speaking at the event, Gaming Insiders Summit in San Francisco recently CEO of Oculus Irayb Brendan (Brendan Iribe) said that a higher resolution screen devices – the company plans: in the long term it is going to release a virtual reality helmet with a resolution of 4K.

When that happens – is not clear. I still do not give an exact launch date of the consumer version of HD-Oculus Rift. Mr. Irayb only points for the next year, and says that the device will be available soon. Violins developer kit versions was sent a few months ago, pre-order on Kickstarter.

Currently, Oculus is working hard to improve the game environment using virtual reality technology Rift. Among other things, according to Mr. Irayba, the company managed to eliminate feelings of nausea that could arise from the players on the early prototypes. He also added that Rift can be used as a 2D-screen IMAX type in the new generation of video game consoles.

Earlier this year, the inventor of the Rift Lucky Palmer (Palmer Luckey) noted that the displays with high resolution 4K – just one of the considered options for the advancement of technology. «In addition to the resolutions, there are plenty of other things they need to work, – he said in an interview with PC Gamer. – We do not just sit around waiting for the appearance suitable for our purposes 4 K-display ».


employees Engadget managed to communicate with the CTO and co-founder of Oculus id Software John Carmack (John Carmack), who confirmed that before the appearance in 2014 in the retail consumer versions of Rift company plans to release a new hardware and software development kit.

At the same time, Mr. Carmack shared his vision for the consumer versions of virtual reality glasses Rift, which may be in the future, running the operating system Google Android: «I think the technology will be developed in such a direction that eventually consumers get worn on the head unit working, probably under the control Android – a standalone unit, which will be equipped with its own single-chip system, by analogy with modern smartphones ».

important problem of the current version of Rift, according to Mr. Carmack, is to improve the user’s head tracking. Currently, he said, in Oculus, more effort in this direction – the problem of tracking movements while refers to one of the key drawbacks. However, the technical director of Oculus promises that in the next version of the device for the developers will be made much progress in this area, as well as the work permit will be improved (in the first set of developer used a resolution of 640 x 800 for each eye).

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