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Lexand A1002: 10-inch tablet Android 4.2 with the ability to play 4k-video -

Brand Lexand well known to Russians your GPS-navigator. However, in the last couple of years has been greatly expanded portfolio of brands – today it includes readers, wireless routers, DVRs and smartphones. And in September 2013 – and even tablet computers. In this review, we will focus on the flagship “tablet” from Lexand – 10,1-inch Lexand A1002.

worth noting that Lexand has an entire line of tablets on different platforms. Thus, the models A1002 and A702 are built on the chipset Allwinner A31S, model A711 – based on Qualcomm MSM8225 Snapdragon S4 Play, A802 – an exotic Huawei K3V2, and A811 – on MediaTek MT8389. In short, each user can choose the option of your choice. We stopped on A1002 – «small» tablets today dime a dozen, but great are becoming less and less. No, they have not disappeared from the market and hardly ever go away, and yet for some reason most of the brands committed itself to miniaturization.


Box Lexand A1002 at large – as befits a large 10.1-inch tablet. The packaging consists of cardboard white on her face coated product information and marked its most important characteristics. Also there is a panel with a report on the metal body of the device.

Delivery standard, but not quite. In addition to the instructions, warranty card and USB-microUSB cable, we found a separate charger with thin pin (as it turned out, Lexand A1002 can be charged from him, and from the usual USB-lace) and OTG-cable. That is, the tablet can connect a mouse, keyboard, and a USB drive with the appropriate interface.

In principle, the assembly is quite satisfactory, although not the maximum. In particular, I would like to see here though simple, but cover: wear without any tablet computer bags and backpacks counter, you can easily damage the finish of the display.

Housing and Design

Lexand A1002 does not look too bright, but solid. And thanks for that: we’ve seen a lot of budget tablets that just did not like it to take over, and they looked, to put it mildly, unsympathetic. With the same device the situation is different, it is attractive in its own way. Special thanks to the developers for the above-mentioned metal: the rear panel is pleasant to the touch, in fact, it almost does not increase the weight of the device – A1002 weighs only 495 grams. After the third-generation iPad, which has the author of this review, Lexand seems a bit of fluff: the weight of the Apple product reaches 652

The thickness of the body Lexand A1002 does not exceed 8 mm – compared to 9.4 in the same iPad 3. Compiled considered almost perfect tablet to find fault with anything we have failed.

All control device is located on the left side of the face. We list them from top to bottom: the device power button / screen, the port for the charger, plug miniHDMI, jack microUSB, a microphone, a slot for card format MicroSD (alas, it is devoid of plugs), a standard 3.5 mm jack for headphones / headsets and hardware the “Back».

This requires a little explanation. The control system 10-inch tablet of Asian origin is of two types. In the first case, the virtual call key applications menu in the top right corner of the screen, and the standard buttons of the operating system Android – in the lower left. In the second case – as in Lexand A1002 – all of these components are the bottom center of the display. In vertical mode that suits you – all at your fingertips, to what is not necessary to stretch. But in the horizontal – alas, you need to hold the device with one hand, and the second – in case of need as well – click on the button. So, the hardware “Back” key will allow you to keep a number of situations the hand from the body Lexand A1002. Well, it’s better than nothing, but if you need to go to the Applications menu, then drag the icon to still have …

The disadvantage of ergonomics should mention the lack of hardware volume buttons: it is proposed to use two soft buttons.

It remains to add that the tablet above the display is a front camera, and on the back there are holes for two speakers (they sound remarkably loud and clear), and the “eye” of another camera. On their photo and video capabilities will be discussed in the appropriate section.


Some 10.1-inch tablet displays are used today such as “Retina”, as in the third and fourth iPad’ah. All is good, but only iron set in such models are usually unable to cope with such a serious burden. As a result, the Android interface slows, games on these tablets will not play, and that’s not to mention the fact that not all the software for this OS is traced under the authorization. Therefore, it may just as well that in Lexand did not chase the numbers and found in A1002 display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. However, there are also intermediate version – 1920 x 1080, and ideally we would like to see here is his. But even so, in general, it is normal.

picture quality is decent, though not the best of its kind: a picture is lively and bright, with a maximum viewing angles (for what it is worth saying thanks technology IPS), but at the same time, quite grainy. Multi-touch support – you can process up to 10 simultaneous touches.

In the settings screen is available to a number of unusual features. Unfortunately, they have not been translated into Russian, but, in principle, their purpose can be understood from without it.

first is responsible for switching the operating mode accelerometer. Two modes: normal and special. Roughly speaking, if you control your character does not get a game on the ground, it is necessary to go to the display settings and activate Lexand A1002 second. Maybe it will work.

The second option allows you to “adjust” the screen resolution for the game, which for some reason did not want to work on the basic settings. During testing, we did not encounter such a situation.

third option called Smart Color, it is necessary to optimize images when playing games or watching videos. And provided a demo mode that when activated half of the screen when video is operating normally, and the second – in the optimized. Indeed, the difference is noticeable, that’s just the screenshots to fix it somehow fails.

The fourth and final option – Intelligent Backlight. It is, as far as we understood, reduces the brightness of the individual modes – for the sake of reducing energy consumption. How is this technology is guided, it is not clear as the light sensor in the plate no. Demo mode with Intelligent Backlight is also provided, but the screenshots, again, demonstrate it does not come out.

material from which made covering the display could not be determined, but most likely it’s plastic. And not too sweet: a couple of weeks of operation of scratches on it does not appear.

Hardware Platform

interesting situation here, we start from a distance. Lexand A1002 is based on the chipset Allwinner A31S with four 1.5-gigahertz cores ARM Cortex-A7 and dual-core graphics PowerVR SGX544MP2. In theory, this hardware platform provides video playback 4k, but in practice these are some problems – not all developers end devices, that is, the actual tablets, to the maximum advantage of the opportunities of this “iron».

At the first turn Lexand A1002 eyes ran with the signature icon 4KPlayer. Really in Lexand endowed his creation the ability to work with 4k-content? For the sake of the sample to the flash card was placed free demo video “Beauty of Taiwan” from the company Gigabyte, it is recorded in the format of 4k. Alas, but when you try to open this movie 4KPlayer issued here is a message:


of Google Play was loaded MX Player, which – hooray! – Without any problems and slowdown reproduced the “Beauty of Taiwan».

However, there is nothing special to rejoice: the screen in Lexand A1002 has not 4k-resolution, so enjoy the highest to date definition video on this tablet will not work. To transfer that content to the TV (and in fact it still needs to buy – for a few thousand dollars, for a moment) is required interface HDMI 2.0, which is still in production devices not found. And the batteries Lexand A1002, as shown, will last about an hour playing video in 4k. There are, however, more positive note, imagining that we make this “pill” in the 4k-portable player, we put it on the memory card to 64GB – and it was recognized without problems. (Otherwise I would have to hand such a test is not there yet, we have confined ourselves to test the capacity of 32 GB flash drive.)

In general, the conclusion is simple: the developers are already taking the first steps towards the creation of portable technology, losing 4k. And if you’re a year or buy a camera that will be able to record in this format, in any journey you can safely view the video from it to the A1002 or its analogs. Though not in the highest quality, but on a really big screen.

add that in the test tablet computer has 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory (about 5.5 GB) and give the order for a few screenshots of benchmarks:

Interface Android operating system Lexand A1002 runs very smoothly, no extra “thoughtfully” were recorded. As for the games, we tested the Dead Trigger, «Iron Man 3,” and Real Racing 3. All three applications quite “playable”, with the problems we encountered.

«Iron Man 3»

Real Racing 3


Lexand A1002 modules have Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11n) and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, but the GPS-receiver, unfortunately, no. Generally GPS is very rare in the plates on Chinese chipsets.

Operating System

It is encouraging that Allwinner gathered for its chipset firmware with one of the most recent versions of the operating system Android – 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. It was she involved in Lexand A1002.

No major changes compared with catabatic versions of the software platform, we have not found, so the limit couple of screenshots. We note only that the interface is, unfortunately, not been translated into Russian in full: sometimes there are English sub-menu items, as mentioned above.

Preinstalled software, in addition to the useless 4KPlayer’a includes the following applications. All of them are old and well known, describe them are not going to like.

update over the air supported:


The interface cameras Lexand A1002 custom, and I must say, very cute. Setup is complete, there is even a kind of filter. In general, sorry, of course: at times in smartphones with much better camera program to take pictures look quite pathetic, but here, in the plate with a frankly “feed-through” units of cameras, everyone is so interested in the program plan.

cameras really are not so hot. 0.3 megapixel front, rear – 2, no autofocus and flash. Video Lexand A1002 is able to write in Full HD1080p, click on the screen while recording results in a freeze frame. Examples of photographs taken of the main chamber, the following:


Lexand A1002 is equipped with a battery capacity of 6000 mAh. In the “Reading” (displayed only text, brightness unscrewed one-third) of the discharge unit for eight and a half hours. View the video in HD720p with a maximum brightness of the display, “sits down” the battery for 4 hours and a half. Well, if you use your tablet from time to time, for two or three hours a day, the charge will last for half a week. In pritsnipe, the indicators mean: is the market for 10-inch plates, complete with a few less powerful “iron”, but it is much more bulky batteries. On the other hand, these “tablets” not as elegant – recall that A1002 does not exceed the thickness of 8 mm.


Lexand A1002 was able to make a good impression – the model is not without flaws, of course, but the positive side it is clearly more than the minuses. Support 4k leave out of the equation, the good of it while a little. But even without this lack of merit: a decent screen, trim body with a metallic finish and a little thick, good game “ability”, one of the latest versions of the OS. On the downside, it is possible to carry an average “Submarine” and the absence of GPS. By the cameras are not going to find fault: they frankly bad at all similar devices. By “similar” is attributed devices with a diagonal 9,7-10,1 inches and the price of 7-10 thousand rubles. Lexand same A1002 is estimated at 8,000, and it’s definitely worth that amount.

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