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The main killer broke through SMS on iPhone and Android at the second attempt - CNews.ru

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BlackBerry company after several misfires managed to release a final version of the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for iOS and Android.

This is the second attempt of the company to give cross-platform progenitor of all the free mobile messenger. The first attempt was to be held September 21, 2013, however, a few minutes after the publication of BBM he was recalled from the store App Store «due to system error.” BBM for Android appeared on Google Play for a few hours before the official launch and has been downloaded over one million times.

To date, the application is available for download on iPhone and Android for more than eight hours, and the signs of his impending removal of the stores yet. The application supports iOS 6.0 and above and Android versions older than 4.0.

The Russian

application store for iPhone Blackberry Messenger is missing, but it can load the Russian owners of accounts in the U.S. App Store.

Interestingly, even after downloading the application, you do not get an opportunity to work with him: BBM when you first start requires him to enter the email address for queuing to register your account and receive an invitation. The queue size is not reported. Members who register online in advance, feature access BBM already received.

Blackberry Messenger for iPhone 4S

restrictions imposed on users BlackBerry explains the high demand for the product, which in his blog calls “amazing” and “unprecedented” and taking care of their infrastructure. The official Twitter BlackBerry Messenger has published information about the five million downloads in eight hours have passed since the official launch of the messenger.

BBM, as well as most mobile messenger allows you to exchange text messages, images, document files. Supports the creation of collective chat up to 30 people.

According to statements

BlackBerry, BBM traffic is encrypted, creating special services is difficult to read user messages.


BBM on the original BlackBerry platform can be called a pioneer of free mobile messengers to date is not the most common of this type of program.

According to BlackBerry, BBM used by over 60 million people in the world, with about 51 million of them – 90 minutes each day. Together, all users send and receive more than 10 billion messages a day, with almost half of them is read within 20 seconds after receiving.

This is somewhat worse than that of its main competitor BBM – cross-platform messenger WhatsApp, running on all major mobile platforms, including BlackBerry. Its user base reached 300 million, and the number of messages sent every day to 27 billion

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