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5 performances at the weekend: archetypes, the dance and the robot android - Reuters

A scene from the play Three Sisters. Android version

© Photo: the theater” School of Dramatic Art “

Weekend Project is a theater guide: new and interesting on the stage of the Moscow theaters.

1. This weekend, the scene “Gogol center” will be two prime ministers, one of them – setting Vladislav Nastavsheva “Medea” , which in the theater called “the history of archetypes.” The Greek myth director moved into the present, to show how the ancient consciousness manifests itself in people today. The main role Nastavshev invited Latvian actress Zarina Gouna, known to Russian audiences for the film “Betrayal” by Kirill Serebrennikov. The choice was driven by the need to emphasize the theme of man falling into an alien environment. In the role of Jason – Michael Tee. The second premiere weekend – a performance by Kirill Serebrennikov “Spring Awakening,” the play by Frank Wedekind, which will show in the theater festival “Territory”.

© Photo by press-service of the theater” Gogol center “

play “Medea”

Saturday and Sunday, 20.30

2. The festival “Territory” on stage Theatre of Nations , you will see the Dusseldorf statement Rausch , which are mixed together theater and dance. Against the background of convulsive movements and leisurely Australian music composer Ben Frost sound desperate monologue about love, politics alone.

scene from the play “Rausch” directed by Falk Richter

Friday, 20.00

More about the festival premieres of “Territory” >>

3. As part of the world tour will come to Moscow Japanese troupe Seinendan, which is on the scene “School of Dramatic Art” will play “Three Sisters. Android version” . In the production of the play by Anton Chekhov’s theatrical innovator Japanese medaka Hirata joined the drama and high technology – along with the actors on stage will be android Geminoid F and robot servant Robovie R3. Technical Consultant performance was one of the leading researchers in the field of robotics Hiroshi Ishiguro, known for creating an exact copy of itself.

© Photo: the theater” School of Dramatic Art “

scene from “Three Sisters. the Android version of”

Friday, 19.00

Saturday, 14.00

4. In “Contemporary” will show premiered last season – “hot heart” on the play by Alexander Ostrovsky directed by Yegor Peregudova. The play involves all the stars of the theater: Parasha plays Svetlana Ivanova, Vasya sharper – Ivan Stebunov, and the role Tarah Tarasycha Khlynova performs Arthur Smolianinov. The mores of Kalinov in the play is not projected on the country, and on life in general, and the comedy classic sounds pessimistic as ever.

scene from “Hot Heart”

Friday, 19.00

5. Solo performance of the famous American director Robert Wilson “Krapp’s Last Tape” will show at the theater “In Passionate” . Show, which was directed by and also the only actor to be held in the framework of the 6th Moscow International Festival of Solo Performances Solo. The hero of the play is preparing alone to meet his birthday a long tradition – to tape the memories of the past year, but before it starts recording your own voice, made thirty years ago, in the last year of his life happy. “Insanely complicated, heavy, important show. Unprepared spectator on this performance is nothing to do. Fantastic feat of the actor, who for an hour on the stage does not say a single word,” – said the director of the production of the shopping center “in Strastnoy” Michael Pushkin.

© Photo courtesy press service of the Theater Center Theatre Union of Russia” in Strastnoy “

person show “Krapp’s Last Tape”

Sunday, 18.00 and 22.00

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