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Eric Schmidt said that Android - a more secure platform than iOS - KompyuterraLab

Author: Mikhail Karpov October 8, 2013

Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman and former CEO, likes to make grand statements. This time, he said that the Android platform is much more secure than iOS Apple.

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During Gartner Symposium Schmidt heard replica analyst David Willis that “Android” “not safe”, said the system Google «safer iPhone». This statement caused laughter in the audience. Schmidt did not corroborate his statement of the facts straight, but for some reason told about how many devices based on Android is activated in the world and that their safety “rigorously tested” .

He did not wait for the issue of fragmentation of the mobile platform Google, but answered it quite strange. According to him, the compatible devices based on Android is doing what the company has a unified app store Play: «We have an agreement with the manufacturers that the other app stores need to be compatible, and it is a real breakthrough for Android».

recent government study in the U.S. found that failure to update multiple devices based on Google’s OS is a threat to security. Schmidt, however, once remarked that the most important thing – it’s the compatibility of all applications for Android. At the end, Schmidt reiterated that the OS is “extremely safe” and urged to use Gmail, Chrome, and other services and applications, which are developed by Google.

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