Saturday, October 26, 2013

Call of Duty: Strike Team is available to Android via Google Play - 3DNews

Publisher Activision has recently introduced a mobile version of Call of Duty: Strike Team for the platform Android – the game is available for purchase through Google Play for $ 7. Initially, the project was released last month on the platform iOS. It is a combination of modes of play in the first person and third top-view (modes can be switched in time battle).

The game is set in the future in 2020. The United States is attacked and dragged into a war unknown assailant. The player will have to lead a special team to kill those responsible for the attack. Gameplay is based on management detachment and allows you to switch the game to coordinate and attack enemies.

Call of Duty: Strike Team can offer both flavored cinematic single-player campaign inserts in a variety of locations around the world, as well as a survival mode in which the player and his team of fighters breaking waves of increasingly sophisticated adversaries.

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