Wednesday, October 23, 2013

For the first eight o'clock BBM app for Android and iOS downloaded 5 million times - Computer Information Portal

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Yesterday, the company unveiled its BlackBerry app BBM, previously available only to its own devices Canadian company, iOS and Android. It had to happen in the last month, but then the network before the time came unstable working version for the Android OS and the launch was postponed.

the first 8:00 by users of the service increased by 5 million people, as reported by the message in the Twitter account with BBM. They could be more if the developers have not entered the system priority during registration, so it is likely that some are still willing to wait for the opportunity to register.


rating in the app stores on both platforms are now greater than 4 on a 5-point scale. The store Apple App Store BBM has already managed to take first place on the popularity of free programs.

an outcome that is enjoyable in itself, but it is unlikely a single application can save in a difficult situation of the company. Besides the market of instant messaging has heavyweights such as WhatsApp, and catch up with their looks impossible task. Just today at the launch of new Nokia devices has been said that the number of users WhatsApp is now 350 million people.

Author: Alex Altukhov • SOURCES: • Published: 23.10.2013

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