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In addition to traditional

Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows Phone, there are several less developed notable operating systems. They have a different purpose and have different status: for example, Samsung bada implements on outdated and slightly modified smartphones Korean company; Symbian, long-time host OS from Nokia, now moved into the category of geek toys; MeeGo and Maemo – based on Linux alternative operating systems that are quiet and lived quietly in agonizing death throes as well … But here was born Tizen. Why?


Tizen – an operating system with open source, based on the kernel Linux. The key word here – “open source.” If you draw parallels with Android, then you are right: there are parallels, Android is also based on the kernel Linux, but for Tizen all written from scratch and not copied from Android. At least, so they say.

This OS is designed for smartphones, tablets, phones, laptops, cars, and other devices, whose list is constantly updated. It works on both main families of processor architectures from ARM and x86. Interestingly, the OS can run on many different types of devices, including desktops and laptops, and one of the main advantages of the system developers consider the lack of java-car, which is hampering the work of Android, which is at the same time and is one of its key components. Although, strictly speaking, java-machine allows the majority of Android applications to run on any hardware platform, but Tizen «locked up” is that under HTML5.

Tizen – a dark horse, the official announcement is scheduled for next year

the question “what is it and why” answer can be given quite simple. The technology itself – this is the fifth version of the HTML-protocol through which you see the page on the Internet (if it is simplified). The main purpose of developing a new version of the protocol – full work with multimedia applications, which is achieved by a “mixture of features provided by various specifications, including specifications of software, such as web browsers, as well as the existing vernacular techniques and many syntax errors in existing web documents” (quoting Wikipedia). In other words, this means that instead of the flash and java user something gets faster and more modern – this theory. In practice, the protocol HTML5 is not yet widely spread, and there are more in the form of a “bright future”, “This has been a bit now, look, as will be even better then.” But new items such as Tizen are made entirely by new technologies.

connection with Tizen with HTML5 is simple: the OS is initially designed as an operating system, which is under development is entirely using web technologies. Actually, now under development and is another system with the same concept: Firefox OS. But Tizen offers not only web components to build the user interface, but also provides a corresponding Web-API for managing applications, system functions, communications, etc.

Tizen is developed and maintained by the Tizen Association, which includes OEMs (Intel, Samsung, Panasonic, Huawei, NEC) and mobile operators (Orange, Telef√≥nica, Vodafone, SK Telecom, NTT DoCoMo). The Steering Committee is composed of Intel and Samsung. The question of “why should they,” we will look at later.


interface of the operating system may be something to remind Android or iOS in its ideology, and from a design point of view, it is called a “mixture Samsung TouchWiz and Firefox OS», but, according to the first testers, the current version of the closed Tizen works better and faster than Firefox OS. Although not yet say that the interface to the developers have simply not reached his hands, but they promise that everything will be then.

Here is the preliminary version of the interface Tizen 2.2 beta (Wikipedia, Amarantine84)


management structure from the point of view of the user Tizen too similar to Android and iOS: the same as if multi-desktop shortcuts to applications, the same notification bar on top.


OS is in a very raw form (for example, until you can not move even an elementary application on the screen simply drag & drop), but is actively developing a variety of API, including the possibility of porting Android-applications, as further we will tell a little more.

Tizen 2.0: as long as the interface does not boasts of some specific features (

There are differences in the visual: for example, in the notification bar you can place widgets. Tizen browser now features a very high speed when interacting with HTML5, gaining almost the highest possible scores in synthetic benchmarks.


Apps for Tizen now, we can say that almost none. At the operating system has its own shop Tizen Store, which will also be pre-installed on each device similar to the App Store and Play Store. Downloaded from there as long as nothing is impossible, but you can download their application. However, so far only on the promoted HTML5, but support for other media content in the future most definitely will. According to the developers, the analysis of the downloaded application takes no more than three days, after which it appears in the catalog, if not contain any prohibited items, of course.

To encourage programmers to accommodate as many contests. For example, the first in November 2013 contest ends Tizen App Challenge with 9 nominations and 54 winners and a total prize pool of $ 4 million. In addition, the store Tizen Store application creators promise a 70% profit – though for now it is 70% from zero. Another couple of monetization tools – Samsung AdHub (mobile advertising, which can be embedded in the application), and In App Purchase – shopping services within the program.

Application Development

For developers there is a freely available whale Tizen SDK, includes everything you need: a set of tools, compiler, documentation, sample applications, etc. SDK is available in versions for various operating systems, you can also connect the tool to migrate applications from OS bada.

addition to the “official” whale, others available, for example, cross-platform Intel XDK and Intel HTML5 App Porter Tool to convert iOS apps in the app HTML5.

key feature Tizen 2.0, as well as all of the OS, is the orientation of the language HTML5


known that Tizen Association decided “to provide an opportunity to run programs on your Android with one hundred percent compatibility and response that consumers expect from Android-powered devices.” But so far it looks more like the statements of Russian politicians about something that will be done with the “absolute probability”: that is, with high probability it will be done in less than half. Of course, programmers and testers know their business, but how do you plan to achieve this “one hundred percent compatibility” is unknown. With high probability, drawing historical parallels – in any way, and the forums are now a lot of people having fun with might and main, in discussing the possibility of porting applications. Everyone remembered a similar development for the OS MeeGo, which has remained a clumsy attempt to adjust to Google, instead of creating something of his own.

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