Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Omsk doctors will make sure the patient's heart through Android - The Russian Newspaper

Experts Omsk State Technical University and gosmedakademii intend to establish small-scale production of wireless devices for cardiac monitoring, transmitting data on the state of the patient’s heart through a smartphone paramedic Android-app.

According to the press service of the government of Omsk region, now developers have created a model of heart monitor. The wireless device is mounted in a soft fabric corset that is worn on the torso of the patient, and then turn on. The device works on the principle of conventional ECG examination.

– If a person wears the device, and there are any cardiac abnormalities that can be identified by the ECG, they immediately identified (there is an algorithm) are transferred to a smartphone or tablet paramedic (if health care setting), – explained developers.

Cardiologist reading the testimony may carry out a rapid diagnosis – this is the second function of the remote device. According to the researchers, in order to assess the express cardiogram, require no more than two minutes.

– is now ready to layout, the program is being finalized for the device itself, as well as a mobile app for Android-powered devices and cloud-based software ECG interpretation. Moreover, a permit from the Ministry of Health of the Omsk region to conduct field tests on the basis of one of the medical institutions under the Ministry – said a senior researcher at the department of radio devices and diagnostics Omsk State Technical University, Dmitry Klypin.

Exit at small-scale production unit, developers plan about a year or two. Funding for the project is financed by the grant of a regional fund to support small businesses and subsidies Regional Ministry of Economy.

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