Sunday, October 20, 2013

Skully P-1 - motorcycle helmet based on Android - 3DNews

While experts and ordinary people are arguing whether they need Google Glass and if needed, why, other less well-known manufacturers produce their like. Skully P-1 – it’s not glasses, and a full helmet for motorcyclists.

helmet is equipped with a wide-angle camera with a viewing angle of 180 degrees, a miniature display, similar to the one that uses the Google, as well as highly customized version of Android. In addition, the helmet understands voice commands. For orientation in space at Skully P-1 has a module GPS, gyroscope, compass and accelerometer, and Bluetooth for communication with external devices.

helmet can be used as a hands-free communication, as well as for navigation. Skully P-1 can show the driver what’s going on behind his back, displaying the camera image on the display, as well as to send a signal for help in an emergency. Good deal, and he with his direct responsibilities – head protection in a crash biker.

Skully P-1 will be available in black and white color options. The device is almost ready for sale, there is not much to modify the software. As for the price, the exact details yet, most likely, the helmet will be a little more than $ 1,000.

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