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HTC installs Windows Phone on Android-smartphone? - THG

October 6, 2013, 13:00

According to experts advertising network AdDuplex, Nokia Lumia 520 is the best selling smartphone WP-2013, but other models are not in high demand, and the market share of the mobile platform Microsoft while not overcome the mark of 4%. As reported by unofficial sources, the situation in the U.S. corporation is forced to take extreme measures.

HTC Windows Phone Android Dualboot

So he could look like HTC One running Windows Phone 8

According to rumors, Microsoft offered to install HTC Windows Phone as an alternative operating system on the Android-based smartphone the Taiwanese manufacturer. The developer is also willing to reduce or cancel the license fee, which will make the platform more attractive to partners. The companies are negotiating the terms of cooperation, although the final decision is still pending. Details of the implementation of a dual-boot function is not specified.

With luck, the HTC will have a chance to improve their unstable financial situation. The vendor will be able to attract new buyers who have considered the option of purchasing smartphone with Windows Phone on board, but they were not ready to switch to another operating system.

Earlier edition has published an article “ Why you need a jailbreak : the pros and cons.” At some point, many users of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch thinking about how to jailbreak. Our American editors told about the benefits and risks associated with obtaining rights of access to the file system devices based on iOS, and also appealed to the experts on information security for comments on the impact of the jailbreak.

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