Thursday, October 3, 2013

Oxford UP announces the release of Practical English Usage for Android -

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company Paragon Software Group in conjunction with the publisher Oxford University Press are Practical English Usage app for devices running Android. Already available

Alison Waters, editor of Oxford University Press, explains: “Thanks to his phenomenal ability incredibly available to explain the complex rules of grammar, Michael Swan earned the recognition and respect among English learners around the world. Most of them speaks of Practical English Usage, as about the best reference work on English grammar. in the form of applications for mobile devices, the publication makes it easy to navigate among the vast amount of information. For easy developers should thematically ranked contents and index, so work with the app is intuitive, as quickly and efficiently. Print Practical English Usage for many years a leader among the classic reference works, and we expect that the electronic version of the manual will also occupy a worthy place in mobile devices studied and taught English in the world “.

Practical English Usage covers a variety of topics on grammar, vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, features both formal and informal English speech and writing. More than 600 articles of this publication provide a full explanation on the subject of business correspondence, describe the differences between written and spoken language, especially the British and American English, and contain all of the changes that have taken place in the English language over the last few years.

Benefits of Mobile Applications:

  • Search by keywords (eg, “future”, “have”) or by using the scroll bar.
  • detailed index, and thematic content.
  • Jump to related articles on the hyperlinks in a browser.
  • ability to create a list of selected topics.
  • history of the last display.

Practical English Usage app is available for devices running Android 2.2 or higher. The cost of the application is 721.45 rubles.

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