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A quarter of Android-devices in Russia are vulnerable to cyberattacks - Digit. An online magazine about technology. Deeply about high.


significant percentage of smartphone users (22%) and tablets (26%) based on the Android platform does not provide specialized security software (software) on their mobile devices

MOSCOW, September 2 –, Inna Kudrin. A significant percentage of Russian smartphone users (22%) and tablets (26%) based on the Android platform does not provide specialized security software (software) on their mobile device, the report said, “Kaspersky Lab».

According to a study conducted by B2B International in conjunction with the “Kaspersky Lab” in the summer of 2013, during which surveyed more than 8.6 thousand respondents from different countries, even at 14% and 19% of the users of these gadgets are hoping that this software was pre-installed in advance without their participation.

However, the Russians still more serious about protecting their mobile devices than users of smartphones and tablets based on Android in the world – 65% of smartphone owners and 55% of tablet owners in the RF devices installed on their security software, then how in the world more thirds of the users of these gadgets do not use solutions to protect against cyber threats. Only 40% and 42% of owners of smartphones and tablets in the survey reported that they have established and use any security solution on their devices.

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remaining respondents prefer to use their gadgets, relying only on a few built-in security features and its own discretion, or download the software from third-party sources, which may be dangerous for the mobile device, experts say.


, Android has long been the most popular platform, not only among ordinary people, but also among criminals seeking to obtain illegal earnings with malware. According to the company, 97% of all existing malware samples for mobile devices created for the platform Android. Moreover, their number is growing rapidly: in 2012 the specialists of “Kaspersky Lab” found 35,000 images of malicious programs for this platform, and for the first six months of 2013 – more than 47,000.

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According to Sergey Golovanov expert “Kaspersky Lab”, the interest of cybercriminals to the platform Android, primarily due to its popularity among the people, in the second – its functionality. Malicious programs can make a smartphone send SMS-messages to premium numbers, devastating mobile subscriber’s account; turn it into a spy device that renders attackers information about the owner of a smartphone or tablet, of his conversations, correspondence, passwords to accounts in social networks, payment systems, etc . etc.

«In other words, communication, entertainment and computing capabilities of the devices on the operating system Android, made them so popular among the people, and the attackers are,” – he added.

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