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Author: Michael Baths October 22, 2013

reproduced in the article “Offensive” smart “machines” Gartner Analyst for revolutionary change that promises labor market mass introduction of smart machines, brings to the readers sad thoughts. Like, degenerate humanity, handing the robot (like in the long-standing “cybernetic” story Voiskunsky E. and I. Lukodyanova “Formula is impossible”). But there, at the Connecticut forecasters considered and a use of IT technologies and to increase the productivity of human labor. And variants of the need for this decision is that allows you to access anytime, anywhere Affairs, today’s market offers us.


prioritizes the list of strategic technologies (“Strategic dozen sample of 2014″), the same Gartner? Two very closely related entities. And not some exotic and present in the pocket of every one of us. The first of them – Mobile Device Diversity and Management , variety of mobile . It really is variety and really accompanies us everywhere. Phone (five-inch) drives home from work in a jacket pocket; plate (seven-inch) – in a jacket pocket. Inside them is what is called the second strategic technology, – Mobile Apps and Applications , mobile applications , regular and large .

Variety , mobile mouth & # x440; oystv and mobile , ITATION applications & # x44F; led to , IST Strategy & # x438; cal tehnol ; Ogiya 2014

variety of mobile devices and mobile applications top the list of strategic technologies in 2014.

Notes to this column are scattered on both of them. More precisely – in the clouds, to which devices are connected. (They live in a different GSM-network providers for backup access to the Internet …) Well, it is clear that a variety of handheld causes the most problems, which so delicately called … and Management , administration of mobile Devices . Manifested even at the level of the administration itself (both live under Android), but on the fact that, distracted, his finger making a wrong movement guidance …

And now imagine how these problems are increasing to the organization, in which a mobile device should work (and coordinated), several thousand employees – for example, sales representatives, tracking the movement of goods by retailers. In addition, employees who are trained in working with IT devices have personnel officer, HR-services within the overall preparation for work. (“Waiting for a CIO’s fate” master electrician “of the past century?»)

traditional, inherited from the industrial society method of solving such problems is to unify. Domestic GOST 1.1-2002 defines it as «establishing the optimal number of dimensions or types of products, processes or services required to meet basic needs» . Well, the operating system with applications perfectly fit into the definition of the process, and related businesses, more and more a thing of the services in the provision of services … so that the unification in this case can be reduced to a desire to have different classes of devices on the same operating system and the same application.

 Leadership in the m & # x43E; BEATER World About , With Android has gained much s long ...

leadership in the mobile operating system Android has won the world for a long time …

And now we are seeing some very interesting examples of attempts to unify, not imposed from above, and generated by the self-interest of companies, their desire to expand their ecological systems to the border area. Well, look at the smartphone. What are we likely to see? According made in August 2013 estimates Gartner, we are likely to almost four-fifths (79%) see the new device operating system Android. In the second quarter they had sold 178 million units. That is a smartphone – is often Android. And the tablet – is also likely, Android. With probability – already the data IDC – 63%. That is “small” mobile devices live in the same ecosystem.

That's as far as , the increasing number cm & # x430; rtfonov and plan , shetov menyaets & # x44F; situation in the world , f & Operating # x445; systems

That’s as the number of smartphones and tablets changing situation in the world of operating systems.

What next? According to the taxonomy there are laptops. And in this segment of the market comes interesting news. Computer giant from China with tridtsatimilliardnym turnover – Lenovo Group Limited – released its first laptop with the operating system Android. The news of this a couple of weeks ago ran out of German online shops where novelty can be bought for 250 oyro and now Lenovo IdeaPad A10 before it officially. This is a ten-laptop “werewolf” chipset Rockchip RK3188 with a 4-core processor Cortex-A9 with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz. Touch the screen and turning constructive enable the use of the car in the modes and laptop, and tablet support.

 Lenovo IdeaPad A10

Lenovo IdeaPad A10.

But – the most important thing. The notebook is running Android 4.2 «Jelly Bean» . Typical smartphone … And now its ecosystem crawled through the area of ??the tablet in the area of ??classic personal computers. Vtorgnushis it through the area of ??low-end-machines … But even these, the most low-end models now have sufficient power for most applications, and ergonomics, suitable for office work. And their compatibility with smartphones and tablets can significantly simplify the very … and Management , Administration mobile . Leaving more effort and resources to the basic work.

Linux dominates the & # x43E; he area width =

Linux dominates the supercomputer …

Well, now let’s go to the other end. For fun, take a look at the sector supercomputer – the most powerful, giving humanity the world of information technology. What dominates here in the area TOP500? A Linux … Here realm of open source and free systems. Their love scientists. And who is the opposite of scientists, with their spirit of free thought? Yes, most likely, the gendarmes. Narrow-minded conservatives principles, known by the older generation of readers saga with Louis de Funes in the title role. And they love the gendarmes, the same, the French? So too – Linux, more specifically – Ubuntu. Not out of love for humanity, as translated name of the operating system from Canonical, and the avarice of the Gallic gendarmes moved to Ubuntu 37,000 desktops.

 And - among French UZSK Zhandar & # x43C; prefer that connected , coupled to him St. & # x43E; and

And – of French gendarmes, which connect with it their “success stories» …

And now Ubuntu – or rather firm Canonical – has aimed at the smartphone market. And already a purely practical. On its site the final distribution Ubuntu 13.10 . It is marketed as ravnoprigodny for desktop computers, servers, phones, and “clouds”. Experts Canonical proudly say about him as a pivotal stage in the development of its branch of Linux: the first one and the same code will work on ARM-phones, and on modern ARM-servers, HP Moonshot, which provides the same capabilities as the platform x86.

720p-Ubuntu 13-10

True, download the package for Ubuntu 13.10 can not be directly smartphones. Need to pre-install it on your desktop, and then on the described procedure (here it is for Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4) by manipulating the good old USB-cable, make install it on the phone. And while the proposed version that focuses more on developers than end users. Those who fulfill the above manipulation, will be available GUI and “nuclear» (core) applications that work in GSM, SMS and phone calls, networking on Wi-Fi, use the front and rear cameras and a developer tool Android Developer Bridge tool .

As you can see, the kit can interest or developer, or a true fan of Linux in izvod Ubuntu. But back to the initial forecast of Gartner, remember that there are predicted rejection of the bulk of universal application and the shift to lighter specialized. A feature above can give a great chance to those who planned to start on the path of development, and even the IT business, with minimal costs “entry ticket” to begin to implement their ideas. And Canonical selected for the debut of machines – from Samsung, the global leader in the smartphone market.

 It is understood & # x43D; oh why Canonical beginning & # x43B; and

It is understandable why Canonical beginning of the “mobilization” is a smartphone Samsung.

But for companies such solutions may well simplify and reduce the cost of that same administration. The opportunity to work in the same environment and on smartphones with tablets, and personal computers on the classic: for Android – yet the same model laptop, and with Linux – up to supercomputers. Well, remember that Ubuntu 13.10 was presented as suitable for cloud computing. After all, the behavior of Canonical perfectly fit in the current business model, with its shift from products to services. Product – free (and even open source). Well and support – for the money (say, as with French gendarmes for administration). So that specific market news perfectly confirm analysts’ expectations!

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