Sunday, February 28, 2016

WhatsApp no ​​longer support the BlackBerry, Symbian and Android 2.2 – (press release) (Registration)

Ownership Facebook – app chat WhatsApp – used by a billion people on the planet. But a small number of these people may have to look for other solutions later this year because WhatsApp announced the end of support for multiple mobile platforms.

The news is likely to affect only a tiny fraction market. But if you are the owner of the following systems, we recommend to look for alternatives. By the end of 2016 have WhatsApp end support:

– BlackBerry OS;

– Android 2.2 and below;

– Windows Phone 7.1;

– Nokia S40;.

– Nokia Symbian S60

The application will continue to work on the latest versions of iOS, Android and Windows Mobile <. /> strong> These operating systems are installed on the vast majority of smartphones in the world.

WhatsApp is an alternative to text messaging, which uses a billion people across the globe. The app has a huge international user base, with a large number of users in countries where SMS and MMS are expensive.

While there are many Internet applications, WhatsApp popular because this cross-platform chat, easy-to-use, and tied to a phone number, making it easy to search for contacts that are already in your phone’s contact list. The share of systems listed above account for less than one tenth of a percent of the smartphone market

Author:. Stepan Mazur

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