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Andy Rubin – the man who created Android. His plans for the development of artificial intelligence – (press release) (Registration)

A few years ago Andy Rubin ( Andy Rubin ) – the famous creator Android , and until recently the head of the department robotics companies Google – helped his wife Pu ( Rie ) to open a bakery on-site railway station closed in Los Santos, California. They called it « Voyageur du Temps », with French – a time traveler. As the name suggests, in his shop, they offer visitors to plunge into the past, with great attention to detail there recreating classic European style. To accomplish all this, Rubies off hire chefs in Japan , which still studying classical art of baking, and also bought a rare oven Bongard Cervap , of which only two in the whole West Coast .

This project is typical for Ruby , in his incarnation, he spent just unimaginable amount of money, effort and their engineering talent, and all just for fun. But at the same time and not quite typical for him, since he usually spends these resources to create things from the future – as, for example, a robotic arm and a retinal scanner, installed in his house. But back to the bakery: in spite of all, Ruby still could not resist and did not add to its high-tech. He personally created a system «point-of-sale». He has developed software that enables the cash register to make payments, give change, and keep records of purchases without the cashier. And he said to a private conference room, at the entrance to which is a magnetic lock.


Ruby in the end spent a lot of time to create this” safe sanctuary “he calls to friends and colleagues to eat croissants d’Échiré and discuss for a long time his question:” What to do next “Most of his career Ruby has worked in the industry of mobile devices. In 1992, he worked in the company General Magic , legendary division of the company Apple , where he led the development of Motorola Envoy , one of the first PDA with a wireless communication module. In December 1999, he participated in the development of Danger Hiptop , the progenitor of smartphones. He was one of the founders of a startup Android in 2003, which was then bought by Google in 2005, when the smartphone industry was still “swamp” of awkward and bulky devices. Releasing the operating system Android , Ruby has provided companies worldwide a simple programming language and set of tools for it that made the boom in the mobile industry. Android has become one of the most used operating system in history, now employs more than 25,000 devices: phones, tablets, watches, televisions and fitness trackers.

Rubin I was with smartphones, since their concepts, but now they have ceased to be of interest for him. As an engineering problem they have long studied. Sure, developers continue to release new applications, but for those for whom design is an art – it’s the same thing as adding a few touches to the finished picture. Ruby again wants to touch the canvas – and one is already there

 Playground Equipment

Ruby believes that mankind is on the threshold of a new computer era . MS DOS gave way to Macintosh and Windows , which, in turn, It was the development of the Internet, thanks to which there were smartphones. Now he believes that we have all the resources for the gradual development of new technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Google , Facebook and Microsoft are spending billions to the development of neural networks, which are able to recognize human speech and identify faces in your photos. And over the next decade, the AI ​​will develop so that it can perform tasks that today we can not even imagine. Soon, says Ruby , AI will be in the form of a cloud service, which will work with thousands of devices and machines. Just as now any device has software soon, no matter what device we may have bought, it will be AI. It is hard to imagine what awaits us in the future, but, for example, take a look at a simple car and unmanned, and now imagine what’s wrong with your every thing. TV, which translates any transfer to any known language in real time. Security system, which itself may see the difference between your spouse and a robber. Or oven, which itself determines when your food is ready.

Lab Playground

In 2013, the Ruby have discussed this problem with the Larry Page ( Larry Page ) and, as the Ruby , they both came to the conclusion that it is time for change. In the same March Ruby left the department the Google on the development of Android . (However, not all believe that the decision was mutual; Business Magazine Bloomberg Businessweek wrote: « Rubin was forced to do it ».) The next year Ruby I worked in the robotics department, but he quickly realized that to achieve the goals of Google (the creation of humanoid robots-assistants), will take years to develop.

Ruby could not wait that long.


« He does not like the current situation in the world , – says Mark Adrissen ( Mark Adreessen ), close friend Ruby . – Andy feels the world will look like in 5, 10, 15 years, and then he looks at the world today and said, “God, why are we not there yet?»


Many companies Silicon Valley has its own vision of the future, but none of them does not coincide with what they want Ruby . He could have stayed in the Google or accede to any of the major companies developing AI, but he felt that even the most ambitious company is too bureaucratic and afraid to take risks. He could join the company VC or company-developer such as Highway 1, but he does not want to fund and advise such company – he wanted to create the future. But at the same time, he did not want to simply create a new startup

In 2014, Ruby has left the company Google -. Care from which, according to his friends only increased his ambitions.


« I think he’d like to see Larry Page recalled that five years ago, and said:” Oh, my God, why did I let this guy get away »- says Andriessen .


The future of the new company office, Andy Rubin

a few months later Ruby created Playground Global – not just as he says the new company and a new kind of company. One of the details that make Playground unusual – is its structure. She has the qualities of both the company-developer and consulting firm, but it is neither one nor the other. Playground to invest money in start-ups, yes. But instead of simply invest and advise them, Ruby offers them a central development department, which is full of well-known designers who worked in the Google , General Magic , Apple , and so on. d. and the whole team known developers working hand in hand with start-ups, which took under its wing the company Playground . And together they are developing devices and software for artificial intelligence.

The company’s ambition is far from easy development of devices. Ruby want the Playground was the starting point for the future, which will be widely developed AI. And he wants to make this an open platform, not only to the companies with which it works, it could be used to create devices with AI. If his project is successful, then the Playground is the same breakthrough for the “intelligent machines”, as his time was Android for smartphones, and create industry for thousands of products, so that everyone a developer could create its own “smart drone.” Or equipment for the house with the AI, or even fully automatic robot

The main idea of ​​ Ruby -. To create what he calls “the power of ideas” – a system that will transform the concept quickly a real product. This is a suitable target for someone like Ruby , is trying to get ahead of its time

Translation:. Vyacheslav Gladkov

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