Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Instagram for iOS and Android officially received the support of multiple accounts – Ferra

Instagram service developers officially announced the launch of new functionality to customers on mobile devices running the iOS and Android operating systems. We are talking about the possibility to easily switch between multiple accounts, without tedious exit and re-enter with another username-password

Recall multiplayer support was seen in the Android-version of Instagram in test mode, not so long ago she appeared in selected iPhone users.

For some ordinary users the opportunity may seem redundant and unnecessary, but, for example, the authors of the various projects, business owners or employees of PR-services big brands, it can get rid of many awkward moments when private photo happens to be in a corporate account.

Add additional accounts can be in the profile settings. When the accounts are added, users simply click on the desired yuzerneym profile to switch to it. You can add up to five Instagram accounts.

The updated Instagram 7.15 for iOS and Android is available for free download in the App Store and Google Play.


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