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The developers named the main advantage of iOS over Android

Two of the most popular mobile platform iOS and Android users are fighting for. Their merits and demerits written a lot, but few touches one of these important aspects of the operating system as an illegal software. Piracy is a problem that Google still can not be eliminated. Most of all because of the current situation affects application developers

The most recent example -. Game Alto’s Adventure, which is written Forbes and The Verge. Its price in the App Store for iOS is 229 rubles, but Google Play is available free of charge. The difference is that the version for Android contains banner ads. Developers explain that decision only way to monetize the game to “Google Phone».

«We believe that you have found a fair balance in the relationship with the players. They do not have to pay to enjoy the game in the Alto’s Adventure », – said the developer Ryan Cash in an interview with The Verge

Later, it becomes clear that the case of piracy, which mired the Android platform

«piracy on Android – is the biggest problem of the operating system, especially for projects that are in the App Store sold more dollar”, – he explained the developer Noodlecake studio ported Alto’s Adventure for Android, Ryan Holouoti. According to him, only 11% of all game settings on Android were legal.

Android may surpass iOS in the number of units sold, but the developers will continue to prefer the iPhone and iPad, while Google does not solve the problem of piracy.

«These are the realities of mobile games segment: the vast majority of Android-users do not pay for the game. The mass of users of “green robot”, residing in China or Japan, prefer shareware projects. That is why the developers for successful monetization is necessary to use in-game advertising, “-. Said Holouoti

Applications for Android can be downloaded and installed from any source. And it does not need to jailbreak as on iOS devices. Google does not restrict users to install applications, although it could disallow software to bypass the official store.

Developers are confident that the free games monetization strategy with the help of advertising should also be in the interest of the players themselves. If the studio will make a profit, then users will be able to use the new projects. And not the other way



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