Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Android N may see hardware support for stylus –

Android Marshmallow only now slowly beginning to gain popularity, which is not surprising, because this update is obtained, not all mobile devices. At the same time rumors about Android N is increasingly began to fill the network. While information about the new operating system is small, but it does not mean that work on a new version of the operating system is not conducted. Typically, mobile device manufacturers often Google «rent” with all the guts, got the first fresh OS updates. This is what happened in this case – the company Samsung «accidentally” revealed some details about the features of Android N



For example, according to South Korean companies, the new “axis” will receive improved support for stylus. It is worth noting that the Galaxy Note has any, and for the correct operation of S Pen is currently used by corporate software Samsung software. Whatever it was, the official website has information on the developers that support certain features S Pen is removed from the new version of firmware, as the need for some specialized software options will disappear. This happens because Android N styli are supported by default. This support will be implemented in hardware rather than software level.


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