Friday, February 19, 2016

iPhone subtly ridiculed the new Android (video) advertising – the Russian newspaper

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More than half a million views collected in a few days a new promotional video dedicated to the Android operating system from Google. all his keys sounded exactly the same, playing the same note

“The piano has 88 keys Each of the -. a professional musician, and two pianos, one of which was specifically configured part in video shootings took. they differ from the other. But it will be if they all become the same? to find out, we took piano and altered it so that it played only one note – up “.

slogan, which appears at the end of the advertising video reads: “be together not the same.” ( “Being Do not be the same.”)

According to a number of popular technology publications such as, a new promotional video Android contains “prick. “against Apple. “The position of Google is clear: since Android is highly customizable, on different devices, you will find a lot of variety in the different versions This contrasts sharply with of iOS, where you can only get the version that will allow to install Apple.”, – Says the site

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at the same time, according to the author notes, in a variety of versions of Android, there are disadvantages – for example, depending on the device manufacturer’s quality of software installed on your smartphone, including Android may be very different

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