Friday, February 26, 2016

Nectar, Nougat or Nutella. What will Android 7.0? –

As of early February, the rate of spread of Android Marshmallow extremely low: the operating system, released in the fall, are only 1.2% of owners of Android-gadgets. Even the ancient Android 2.3 is much better position – 2.7%. Same story with Android KitKat and Android Lollipop – almost 70% of the devices for two. Conclusion: The current version of Android reach people about one and a half to two years after release. Accordingly, the first thing to do Google – to release such OS that manufacturers do not spend months to synchronize the official firmware and corporate launcher

this year, Android will premiere a month earlier, than WWDC – an event at which talk about iOS 10. The explanation in this haste can be only one – Google is trying to get ahead of Apple’s, to avoid talking about copying the interface. It is fair to say that borrowing really expected a lot

Sweet N

In Google used to follow the tradition. Names Android versions are in alphabetical order, and thus M (Marshmallow) should be N . variants are several sweets – from Nectar, Neopolitan and Nougat to Nacho and of Nutella.

Most likely, the real name we know only in May, but in the meantime we call the seventh abbreviated Android – Android N. By the way, there is a possibility that Google will vote, and everyone will be able to choose an appropriate name for future OS.

Disclaimer menu

TouchWiz from Samsung accepted blame, but in the Galaxy S7 built shell looks solid: for example, no more obsolete keys to navigate in the menu – application shortcuts appear on the main screen, like the iPhone. This decision has long come to Asian vendors (ZTE, Lenovo, Huawei), but Google has long been considered that the menu is vital to those users who enjoy the clean desk.

Now, according to preliminary data from the menu, just get rid of – already testing Android N is filled with work desk. There is speculation that the new Android archaic key can be included through the settings – so Google will be saved from the wrath of those who talk about the inconveniences and blind imitation of Apple.


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