Thursday, February 18, 2016

New virus «Mazar» destroys the data on the phone with the Android system – RSUTE

Moscow / 18.02.2016 16:35 /

A new virus «Mazar» destroys the data from the phone to the Android system. It is reported portal Effective dangerous pest through text messages, fully takes hold administrative rights on the device.

All the devices owners, which are operated by the Android operating system, the next received disturbing news. from programming experts have found another virus that takes full administrator rights all the devices and began to “travel” through all possible files and folders. Besides pest can reach even to text messages or phone calls to adjust.

According to preliminary data, the total may already be infected with some hundreds of thousands of devices located on Android. The mechanism of infection is as follows: the user receives a message in which it is offered under some pretext to link to. If he agrees to such an event, then it is automatically set Gadget malware (Mazar virus).


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