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The operating system is Android N is partly similar to the iOS – Mobiltelefon.Ru

February 21, 2016, 09:48

In the spring conference to be held for the Google I / O developers 2016. Typically, under this event search giant introduced a new version of its Android mobile platform. So far the new operating system assembly is little known. Most likely, the early version of the software will be released under the name Android N. In the case of Marshmallow Google programmers to concentrate more on home improvements than external. It is not known what will happen to Android N, but if you believe the rumors today, the latest version of Google’s operating system waits for at least one radical change – the rejection of the application menu. It is likely that in the process of testing its return, but the chances are slim. Some experts believe that Google is unhappy with the presence of this menu.

We can say with confidence that Google is the rejection of the applications menu of Android users share into two camps. Some changes will be happy, because look, run, and uninstall applications become easier. Others are angered by the refusal of one of the basic chip Android, as well as similarities to iOS. Fortunately, Android N users will be able to install a third-party launcher from and return to the application menu. In fairness it should be noted that some manufacturers have abandoned this menu in its branded envelopes and users of smartphone content with this decision. Perhaps the conservative owners of Android-backgrounds and it is time to move forward?

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