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Software features of Android 6.x and Samsung TouchWiz – Mobile-review

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Just want to mention that this material describes the menu and the possibility of S7 / S7 EDGE, while the S6 / S6 EDGE and other models 2015 with an update to Android 6 receive, not all features described below. Most of them, but some little things can be different. So keep this in mind as you read the text and move it to what will be on the older models. Having made this reservation, I propose to begin to consider TouchWiz 2016.

The first change in ideology regarding Samsung TouchWiz we saw last year, for the Galaxy S6 / S6 EDGE company to simplify the shell, made it close to a pure Android. Moreover, this experience has been so successful that it was postponed, and to the rest of the line, consistently rejecting the installation of additional and often unnecessary programs. Out of the box you get a nearly pure Android with a number of useful changes and chips that will come to other companies within the device, for example, is a multi-mode, change the size of windows and other features. All this is expected in devices from other manufacturers with the arrival of the new version of Android, and is borrowed by Google from Samsung with the permission of the latter.

The first thing you notice, it’s on, it is limited to one screen laconic menu. That is, out of the box you get a device that does not need a long time to dig and search for the desired function, they are all focused on a single screen, and it’s not bad. Previously, all the programs from the Google hid in one folder, and now so did with the software from Samsung, and some applications that were considered systemic, simply refused. If you search the preinstalled apps music player, then you will be disappointed, you can download it from the Samsung App Store. But the program for music is the Play Music. There are several reasons, the secondary is that Samsung has received the money from the subscription to the service. The primary is – that willful decision made to get rid of programs that duplicate its capabilities. This is precisely the simplification, which makes use of the device more intuitive, it is not necessary to look in a different software, all in front of your eyes. For those who are nostalgic for the missing applications left them in the store from Samsung, the download is free, so that benefit all.

Once again redesigned falling outside the curtain, and the icons in it, the photographs and screenshots color blind I have always irritated, some pale and unpleasant. In life, everything is exactly the opposite, it does not irritate and does not distract, it allows you to quickly find the desired icon. The main objective of the company was considered not just a simplification of the menu, but the work with colors, fonts, which visually creates a feeling of lightness and simplicity. Looking ahead, I will say that it has turned to the fullest.

The ideology of the device, in addition to simplicity, includes the fact that all the additional software shall be made in a separate application. For example, gift apps you can download from the corresponding section, but it will be your choice, your company does not impose it. By limiting the number of installed applications for partners, at the same time Samsung have raised the cost of such a facility for them. Not losing money, the company has facilitated the lives of users, are also making a big step forward in the fact that now any such application can be removed, there is no firmly inscribed programs that are not systemic.

The color codes for various items used mainly settings menu, you can add the list to the top of their labels on what you use regularly. Navigation is not a problem, everything has become the most simplistic and understandable.

The curtain left the possibility of a one-touch connect to other devices, the menu also added the ability to disable this option if you do not need, then you are free to remove it. Interestingly, S Finder from the curtain disappeared, it is believed that Google Now, who knows how to look in the phone and the network does its job better. This is also the elimination of the same entity.

How to open the notification from the lock screen? Clicking they redirect you to the appropriate application. If you set the screen lock, for example, to print, you receive a warning that you should press the central button – touch, and once again the phone opens an item. Everything has become much more clear and simple than it was. If you do not need a notification, you can simply brush away to the side.

It is interesting that there was a possibility to add all the program’s shortcut on the home screen, then do not need to enter the menu. One may consider this option can work like the look, but most, I am sure, would prefer to live in the old way.

Now, let’s focus on a few apps, which first appear on these devices, start with Galaxy Care. This interactive guide that allows you to not only see the answers to frequently asked questions about the phone and software problems, but also to get very specific answers. One utility checks the hardware of the phone, various sensors and displays, they are working properly or not. The fact that the manufacturer gives the user the opportunity, by itself is not bad, it’s a simple way to find out what your machine is not so.

It is possible to write in support, both on email and chat (depending on the country), it is fast and relevant support, as there are various tips and Tutorials. In my opinion, in this direction evolution is important, since it removes a lot of questions about what is right or wrong running your unit and what happens to him. It also facilitates the work of the service center.

In the menu you can also find the Galaxy Labs, is added experimental features that may be standard or disappear altogether, the company estimates that people like and what they enjoy. You can rate each function smile – like it or not. In these apparatuses such functions exactly two – voice dialing by holding “Home” button, and the ability to display all the menu icons on the desktop, when he “Applications” section disappears (similar to Sony phones).

From the line Note on all phones with a diagonal of 5 inches longer come the ability to change the screen size, making it more convenient. Also, you can not only change the size of the screen, but to divide it into parts and work in two windows by copying information from one pane to another, for example, the address of the browser in the messenger. It is convenient, easy to learn and function of all those who need it.

To work with one hand, you can turn change the dialer, numbers adjust to your fingers and grip. Also can change the size of windows. But it is almost never needed, since these devices operate on one hand and conveniently, even if it is small.

The Samsung phones always had a lot of small, but comfortable pieces that are seen as foolish, but in everyday use are essential. For example, it may be a vibration in the moment when you take the phone in hand, it informs you that you have missed events. Now you can still adjust the indicator light, set the refresh rate, not to miss important events.

As before, you can take a screenshot of the movement on the screen, but you can also specify settings to instantly pop-up menu. From it you can edit the screen, for example, cut, immediately sent to another program or to make an endless screenshot when the screen starts to scroll down, gluing each piece into a single file. It is very convenient.

Samsung TouchWiz 2016

Just a few words on the AMOLED screen features and Always on feature. You can select certain images (pre-installed, color), which will be displayed on your device screen is always, including this event reminders, time. You can select a clock, setting the themes available on this screen. This is a very interesting feature that distinguishes the new generation of phones, the picture in the standby mode, the entire screen no one, since the displays do not allow to do so, they have too high energy consumption.

Because of the curious features that I was surprised, the ability to customize the phone restarts automatically on a schedule (time, day of the week). Apparently, people were asked to be permitted and it added.

However, many features familiar from the S6 and subsequent devices remained, they have not changed. Let’s go through the main points, to understand the difference between TouchWiz 2016 6 c Android from other phones on the market.

Themes . You can download themes that will change your device beyond recognition, editing exposed every item from the standby screen and Always On to the icons in the menus and messages. A little-known fact that you can download the SDK to create order and then you can do to change anything and to create your own themes.

dialer and contacts . Dialing a number, you can quickly call a contact, just enter the correct number or letter first name, last name. match appears in the list. Call Log has a filter on the type of call.

As with the previous models, can be carried out on behalf of the left or right, to send a message or make a call, you can turn off this setting, but it is much liking. The favorites, in addition to selected contacts, there is also a list of numbers that you use frequently. Calling displays information associated with the contact, the last SMS, e-mail, event calendar.

In the contact list, you can browse the names by letters of the alphabet (the first is Russian, then Latin).

Notifications . Some people are extremely upset big-eared man who is on the menu for the rooms without icons, set by the user. He remained, as before, although its size greatly diminished. You can choose the design of the windows, their style, set your wallpaper. Also, by selecting a different theme or your screen saver, you can get rid of this man. There are sending messages on schedule.

A set of typical features, and his eyes enough to ordinary users. I have no complaints about the work of the reports on this unit

One of the unusual features note shortcuts to quickly insert text -. They are active in all menus. That is, when the function is activated you are T9 typing the letter assigned to the label, you will see the list of suggestions, not only words, but also the recorded pattern. While this works only for English, but the thing is very useful and convenient.

Gallery . Sort photos running on time, place, event or category (here the phone itself determines that the picture – the food, landscape, portrait and so on). There is also access to online galleries from the menu.

Calculator . In the horizontal position, scientific, vertical usual.

Clock . Alarm clock, World clock, stopwatch and timer. Familiar topics, but apparently they are recycled and interesting look.

Notes . Conventional text notes that are synchronized to the cloud and are transferred from phone to phone. Now you can draw in the notes, as well as add, as before, a variety of multimedia files.

My stuff . The usual file manager that supports Google Drive. Convenient and simple, there are all possible operations with files.

Recorder . In addition to normal voice recording, you can turn on the interview (the first time was in Note 4), then take turns working microphones at the ends, good recording quality. There is also a voice memo mode, when the input voice, text immediately recognized.

S Planner . Calendar made visually lighter and easier. There are reminders of birthdays, synchronization with any network calendars, a separate list of tasks. I like the structure of the application is, there is nothing superfluous, and all is clear.

S Health . A sensor with the rear surface of the phone is used to measure pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, and emotional stress. You can enter the blog meal, have a database of products and their calorie content. Also here it is possible to keep records of training, plus there is a virtual trainer that can help to train.

Smart Manager . A utility that combines several programs from different companies, but in one interface. So, there is a Clean Master, which is able to remove caches applications, various types of garbage. A utility to work with the battery shows how much he is able to reach, you can switch between modes. In the “Security” has an opportunity to establish KNOX, plus there is an antivirus from Intel. There is also a utility for cleaning RAM, which is more a tribute to user needs and desires than the urgent need for Android – is more of a utility harmful than useful

Applications Microsoft .. In the folder, there are three pre-installed applications – OneDrive, OneNote, MS Office and Skype. This application, which pays for the Microsoft preset, no differences or integration into the system there. The user is given free of charge for two years 100 GB of space in the cloud from Microsoft.

Samsung TouchWiz 2016

Post . Normal e-mail client that supports multiple accounts, HTML-layout. Nothing unusual here is not, as well as advantages over GMail-client. Outwardly, they have become very similar.

Settings . Habitual for Galaxy S range of settings, everything will not list, here are the main screens are all clear about it.

The application Smart Switch, which allows you to transfer data from the iPhone and other devices, has become part of the system is now rapidly and your data safely with iOS / Android can be transferred to the Galaxy. I talked about this application and its capabilities in detail in the video.

Game features – the new API

I’m sure you sometimes play these or other toys on the phone. Some people do it often, and are interested in games. In most cases, there are annoying moments you accidentally hits a button, pop any notice – all it detracts from the game. The Samsung created a special application that is able to get rid of the most annoying little things in the game, and called it the Game Launcher.

First of all, this app collects all your games in one menu, you do not need to wander through the menu pages to open them. Second, the hardware profile created a special energy when the machine analyzes the games and compare them with those that are already in the database. It is necessary to set the correct processor speed, screen settings, and other “stuff”. When using the power-saving mode in the Game Launcher while the game is increased by 15-30% depending on the toy itself, that is, this is a clever approach to what you do and how.

The application is added to the social component, you can see what other people are playing on the Galaxy phones have different ratings, the ability to download new applications, see the video on YouTube about the toys. Perhaps you have this social part of the application is not necessary, but other functions exactly need.

To begin with, it is possible to refuse notifications, then your game will not interrupt anything (just call stops toy default). Second and most importantly, the game can be minimized to icon status and do other things to get back to it at the very moment where you left it. But the main thing in the game touch keys of the phone can be blocked, which is very convenient, you do not accidentally close it or exit to another menu.

How much will be popular this section, it is difficult to say. But for those who are actively playing the game, it will be interesting.

the side faces in the S7 EDGE and similar models

Unlike those opportunities that have been in 2015, there was a complete rethinking of the lateral faces and the fact that it can do. There was a lot of lines with the settings, but the important thing is that you are now able to change the size of the face, it creeps on the part of the main screen and is much more useful.

There may be your favorite contacts, which you can immediately send an SMS or call. The ruler, flashlight, compass – suddenly it is useful. The latest news from selected sources, weather and at night, which are displayed on a small strip.

Samsung TouchWiz 2016

Settings lot, and everyone will find useful. For example, I set up a geo-fence and coming home, I can do a couple of clicks to open a line of labels that I need, but on the other it is the labels. Interestingly, there were references to the action, it is possible to record the matter in the calendar, create a note, write a letter. phone management system via the side of the screen became much more interesting and, most importantly, useful. See how it works in our video.


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