Thursday, February 18, 2016

Discovered virus that infects Android devices OSes through text messages – GORDONUA.COM

The Company of Denmark, which deals with cybersecurity, discovered a powerful virus that spreads to the gadgets based on Android via text messages. It is reported by BBC.

The virus called Mazar implemented in the gadget and gets administrative privileges. Thus, it has access to all files, as well as calls and messages.

The company warned that the virus has already spread to nearly 100 million handsets. They explained there and the mechanism of infection: the owner of the device receives a message, the end of which contains a link. After transient on it happening downloading software that enables anonymous access to an outside gadget allows you to delete or edit files in it

Android -. The operating system for smartphones, Internet tablets, e-books, digital players and other gadgets. In the future, support vehicles and household robots. In 2005, the company acquired Android, Google Inc., later transformed into the Alphabet.


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