Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Review smartphone Vertu Signature Touch: Android over half a million – CNews.ru

But first, a brief history of the brand. Once upon a time Vertu was seen by all as the Nokia so expensive, even though it was originally a British company based in Hampshire. But for some time Nokia Vertu was really a branch – from 1998 to 2012-th. Today Vertu other owners, and the range is slightly changed.

In particular, in addition to the only modern keypad models from Vertu, there are two smartphones on Android. And now we just talk about the newest models – Vertu Signature Touch.

Your Vertu phone will always look perfectly, but it’s not just good design. Outside of “ordinary” materials is not here at all. If you see the metal – so that, at a minimum, titanium, as well as a maximum – gold or platinum. If the skin – it means not just the skin (no kozhzama and “plastic under the skin”) and premium – calf, as a minimum, and even alligator.

Vertu Signature Smartphone Touch

The screen is protected by a sapphire crystal – specially grown for Vertu smartphones huge sapphires and sawn using a unique technology. Scratching the screen can be anything – leaves only scratch diamond.

Vertu Signature Touch smartphone in hand

More from Vertu phones have a red button. As you have probably guessed, this is not plastic, not glass, and ruby.

micro-USB, ruby ​​button« Vertu services “, the power button

and the cherry on the cake: every phone is made by hand, with all the thoroughness and attention to detail.

By the way, this is not the key – just a design element

However, there can be impression that a huge price due only to the materials and assembly, but it is not. Below we will discuss what else is the price Vertu.

Smartphone allows the nano-SIM and MicroSD memory card. The technology of installation a little unusual. See semicircle in the middle

The camera module and semi-circle to open

We need him to lift and rotate either to the left or to the right

for MicroSD slot

for the nano-SIM slot

The corresponding cap opens automatically. Close it, you can “manually” until it clicks.


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