Friday, February 19, 2016

Game Juggernaut Wars came out for Android – Ferra

Developers, a subsidiary of Mail.Ru Group, said the release version of the game Juggernaut Wars for mobile devices based on the Android operating system. the iOS version was released a few weeks earlier, during which mobile gamers had to spend more than 3.3 million fighting

Juggernaut Wars is a game in the genre Action RPG MOBA, for its development are the creators of “Juggernaut:. Revenge Soveringa “and” Evolution: Battle for Utopia. ” The game provides three dozen heroes, each with its own history, skills and a variety of opportunities for leveling, the story campaign, battle monsters, PvP battles in the Arena, and the like.

Juggernaut Wars for Android is available for free download at Google Play, but are provided in-game purchases.


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