Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cyanogen MOD – new platform, which will allow developers to completely redraw the Android operating system – iXBT.com

Development Cyanogen known to many. CyanogenMod Cyanogen OS and are popular with millions of users. The company’s new product aims to strengthen its position in the market.


It is called MOD. This is extremely inconvenient, as there is confusion with CyanogenMod. But this is completely different products.


So, MOD – integrated mobile platform as it is called creators. Designed to it, nothing less than to change the way users interact with their mobile assistants.


If you look at new development through the eyes of the average user, the MOD is a simple program. But it is not so. MOD as soon as possible to compare with the extensions for the browser or some other software. We are talking about the expansion of basic capabilities. In this case, the basic features of the Android OS.


MOD – is extensions or add-ons that change the usual work on. The platform allows to improve the functionality of the various functions of the OS that can not be done with conventional programs simply because access to those sections of the Android closed. And MOD is not intended for users, and for software developers.


For example, Microsoft, as one of the first partners Cyanogen on this program, developed modes (individual expanded-name, so that confuses even more) that embeds Skype directly into the program on a set of numbers. Another example – the voice assistant Cortana allows you to start and control the camera


In general, developers have complete freedom of action comes at a fundamental restructuring of the operating system works. For these purposes, Cyanogen has launched a partner program MOD Ready and released a corresponding PDK (Platform Development Kit).


By the way, the first smartphone with support for MOD platform will BQ Aquaris X5, and the first partners in the Ready MOD program are Microsoft and Truecaller. . In general, the platform is available for devices with Cyanogen OS 13.0 or later

Source: Cyanogen


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